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  1. I don't feel that strongly about it...
  2. Very good question, I don't see it listed...
  3. Yeah I always liked that, thought about swapping it since my hood ornament is more whiskers than chrome. Unfortunately the eBay photo wasn't the piece I received (you can see the bottom piece is pretty rough) but I got it so cheaply it wasn't worth fighting. Saw a '55 with the '56 ornament at Lone Star Roundup last year, really wish I'd had the time to do the swap.
  4. Oh I've also been asked about the body code... that's BW (Wilmington, Delaware). Hard to see in the photo of the tag.
  5. Apparently it likes the pictures today. Added a couple of how she sits now (there was some confusion about what chrome was and wasn't installed, such as rear tail light housings). You can see all the fresh chrome stacked on the shelf ready to go. I was asked if that's the original / correct jack -- I don't know, it was in the car when I bought it. I assumed it was original but apparently the 55 is a one-off year for jack design. I don't know how to tell. All the spray painting on the grille/bar was somebody's idea of "hot rodding," I'm guessing. I'd planned to change it to teeth of
  6. The photos in my original post have caused some confusion. They were taken before I sent the bumpers off for chrome -- there are no bumpers on the car now, and I only have a single set (rechromed) which are not installed now. The trunk is not rusted. There is a palm-sized spot of rot in the driver's floorboards that needs to be repaired, there is surface rust on the underside edge of the trunk lid, and there are spots in the usual locations along the rockers below the rear doors. Driver door glass is cracked but the front & rear glass is perfect, not even cloudy at the edges. I've also bee
  7. Good questions. Paint is an older respray in original color. It's not going to win any major awards but it doesn't look like a rattle can job either. I'll get some engine bay and trunk pix later today. "Ran when parked" No, seriously, I don't actually know. We swapped the fuel tank and lines, it was getting fuel but it just wouldn't fire. It did literally run before the swap (as in, I drove it into the garage to my lift). Somebody suggested the fuel pump might be full of trash from the old tank. I pulled that apart but it was clean inside (looks like the previous
  8. FYI everyone, the 55 Super is still available. Had a friend thinking about it, but his 56 Chevy is coming home after *six months* of paint and body work and needs reassembly... big project. I also notified the other two inquiries I mentioned earlier, but they're Craigslist responses and I'd much rather see it go to somebody here!
  9. Sale is pending... and actually, two more inquiries lined up behind it. Sure hope she doesn't wind up parted out. Told my wife if I could just keep one, I'd pick the non-running Buick over the 60 Impala and the Viper.
  10. SOLD 1955 Buick Super $6,000 OBO Clear title, non-smoker owner Green exterior, green interior VIN 5B5056377 322 cid Fireball V8, Dyanflow auto trans, factory power steering, power windows, power brakes, under-seat heaters, power antenna. Amazing options list for 1955. Drives like a modern new car. Many upgrades, many spares. All lights/signals work. Factory AM radio works and sounds great. Project car, needs TLC, rough interior, not running (got sidetracked by other car projects). Moving, no room at new place, must sell. Pictures are with old original
  11. I don't need headlight trim, I just thought I remembered (apparently incorrectly) that they were compatible. All I need is that moustache trim.
  12. Missing, they were too corroded to save when I sent everything out for replating. "Not pristine" is better than "non existent!"
  13. I have a 55 Super and I've been searching for the three "moustache" trim pieces along the front edge of the fenders and hood for quite awhile. If anyone has pieces to sell, please contact me! Someone with a wrecked 55 Century said he might have those parts -- does anyone know if the end-pieces are the same? I'm pretty sure the center/hood section is the wider part on the Super. I know interchange is pretty random with these cars -- headlight rings fit but small-body tail lights are a couple inches taller, etc.
  14. Then & Now told me there is an early and late model kit, and that they'd need an identifying number off a 1/8" flange "on the side of the surface where the pump mounts to the motor" ... I have removed the pump, but I see no numbers either on the pump or the engine (I wasn't really clear what surface she was referring to). Can someone tell me where this identifier is?
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