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  1. Like the car but not the name or what the model company was trying to achieve with this advertising motive
  2. Rather have the wagon, travel through country roads staying at vintage motels with a Buick Gardens destination.
  3. Good eye, looks like a license plate from Netherlands from 1951 to 1965
  4. Was just showing the vintage lamp! Don't use them, they bite! I slide sealed bulbs LED 4' utility shop light fixture under the car
  5. Elpad


    Nice car, wished the sun was behind the photographer but those majestic mountains.....beautiful!
  6. Way until the 80' you could buy anti-shock replacement bulbs but I remember, they too went bad....oh boy...I knew I was getting old but not so fast.
  7. Have any of you guys had a piece of skin meld to one of this drop, old school, cover? It seems they hunt to bite you
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