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  1. Yes there is..... the problem is that we will have to create another topic as "Hunks on Buicks" and don't know how many likes it will get
  2. Understood, just thought that came from public sites and are only use to view them and not for commercial purposes. If I was the owner of some of those mag pictures I would be delighted someone displaying and appreciating their art. But I would refrain from using those just in case. Sorry about that
  3. Not sure if the photographer's car is a Buick or an Olds
  4. Took "Almendron" to a car show in Palmetto Bay, FL from Miami about 20 minutes ride. Left from wheel grease cap came loose inside the hub cap on the last turn and boy what a rattle. Other than that.... a magic carpet ride. Have a 1 minute video but can't upload
  5. I think this is the " dryer " in question looks like a marine water separator to me
  6. You can jerk the chain all you want... just leave the grease monkey alone! ha,ha just kidding.......yeap surviving ingenuity it is in the blood. Your very right
  7. Wish, wish Mr Earl you no makin fun of me acent yes?
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