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  1. Inside portholes will create a shadow depends on lightning, Hope it will be a 4holer!
  2. Almendrón still shines, can’t recognize the old man
  3. Saw it on FB along the 53 & 54 Larks. Lovely cars.....someday I would love to have a rag top!
  4. Pickedup Almendrón from storage today and took a ride home to clean and polish. The car was last used in February this year just before the pandemic hit hard. I occasionally start the car but at last driven today to photo shoot my daughter’s civil wedding to be celebrated today with close family and friends at my son’s home. Don’t have to drive it far since his house is two houses away from mine. My daughter cancelled the wedding party Due to COVID but postponed for May next year and still insist to ride the car then. So luckily two photo ops.
  5. For a moment I thought I was listening to the President: “Fake News”
  6. https://altdriver.com/classics/counting-cars-big-love-buick/
  7. Not a movie but on Counting Cars TV Show. “Big Love Buick”, airing now on History Channel. They want to paint it Pearl Orange!
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