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  1. 48 minutes ago, Larry Schramm said:

    Not my cup of tea but at least still an automobile dealership. Maybe Mike, Frank and Danielle picked up the Buick signs. Thanks for the research!

  2. e7059424a3fceb99d75a08f52612c74f.jpg?AWSKodak negative of an woman in a Buick car and a man giving her the keys. The photo was taken in front of Fridley Buick which was located at 48 4th Ave West, in Dickinson, N.D. The woman is wearing a jacket, earrings, bracelet, hat, and a fur coat. The man is wearing a shirt, tie, suit, hat, and glasses. He has 2 pens in the left pocket of his suit jacket. Both of them are smiling. On the car it says Welcome Wagon courtesy of Fridley Buick Inc. In the back is a building that has the sign Fridley Buick Inc., Buick Valve In Head. A sign on the showroom floor window reads Goodyear Tires, Parts, and Fridley Buick. There is an awning over the showroom floor window. On the left side of the photo are several cars, homes, and the St. Joseph's School building. Unidentified.