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  1. This is great info. I will be starting my 64 grille soon and these posts have answered a lot of questions. Thanks to all.
  2. Hello: new member unsure how to search for specific already existing threads. I am hanging doors on my 64 Riviera after re bushing and pinning the hinges and replacing vent window windo motor gears. The doors had a teeny "drop on opening but otherwise shut like a bank vault before I started. I very carefully marked hinge location at dismount but after getting decent gap alignment with door skins on I hit the striker on closing. I have been reluctant to move the striker as it is my one remaining fixed point to the "old" position but after cruising the net for hours and viewing videos and consulting my shop and body manuals etc. I am coming to the conclusion that the process should be. 1. Mount fully loaded door by hand having protected paint with masking tape etc. and snug it down. 2. Align the top of the door with the top of the rear quarter panel and measure the resulting "door drip edge to rocker panel" gap at the trailing edge. 3. Adjust the front of the door to maintain that gap across the entire rocker panel. The door "should" be in its correct horizontal position. 3. Set the fore and aft door to quarter gap to the same gap dimension working the A pillar side of the hinges. The gap around the bottom and trailing edge should now be the same. 3. Align the "in and out" door position using long straight edges against the rear quarter by working with the door side hinge mounting bolts. The door should be "perfectly aligned. 4. Now (lastly) put the striker plate wherever it needs to be to pull the door flush and activate the lock mechanism. Does this sound like a reasonable process? Have I left anything out? Tom Mooney? Others?? Am I needlessly worrying about "loosing" my reference point by moving the striker plate? Thanks to all who read. Any help is much appreciated Larry Lapham
  3. Hello: Larry Lapham from Billerica MA. 1964 Riviera owner and ROA member doing a "body on" resto going on 12 yrs. ( 9-10 yr. gap) and here looking for door alignment info. Have owned a 67 Riviera and a 1956 Special convert in the past. Thanks for the opportunity. Larry
  4. Hi again Mozzie: Just located the hole where that clip SHOULD be. Apparently someone took it off . They tie wrapped the lines to the frame crossmember above the swing arm. Disappointing as I got this car with service records going way back from a woman who said she was the original owner but the car was a gift from a boyfriend who bought it through his company, hence no original Bill of Sale as it went with the company records after he died. I tend to believe her, I pursued the car for several months but after one ad she decided she didn't want to "let it go" while he was alive. So why the slop job on the fuel lines I ask myself . Maybe I got snookered on the story but it is still a rust free beauty from California ( it came with the black license plate). Do you have any idea of the part number for that body clip? Or the correct description if it's not just "body clip"? Maybe at "Cars"? Anyway thanks again for your help. Larry
  5. Hi Mozzie: Thanks for getting back with photos. Your car looks good underneath. If I see the photos correctly there is a body clip on the passenger side just forward of the slot for the gas tank strap bolt. Is that right? I can't find any sign of such a clip at that point on my car but maybe I'm not interpreting the photos properly. The sending unit on my tank is centered at the forward end and the pipes point forward. That would mean a severe "S" bend for the flex lines to connect up. Is that what you found when you stripped the car? Thanks again for the help. Larry
  6. Hello All: Newcomer here. Saw a great discussion on filter to pump routing on a non A/C car. I'm concerned with the other end. Have refurbished and painted my gas tank and wire brushed, sanded and repainted the underbody. As I prepare to re install the tank I noticed the metal fuel and vapor return lines are virtually on top of the transverse muffler. I don't see any body clips to attach to and the shop manual doesn't give enough detail to help me. Do I just bend the lines to maximize the clearance above the muffler ?? I am an old guy and took the tank out several years ago so I don't recall whether I may have removed a clip and just don't remember. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Larry