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  1. I joined AACA last year but know little if anything about the Regional Chapters or Regional events. I am in Northwest Indiana and have seen the directory. I have emailed a couple of different people listed in the directory but am waiting for a response. How do you go about joining a regional chapter? Do you have to join a certain one depending on where you live? Can you cross state lines? Any info would be appreciated. I'm especially interested in some regional tours and/or meets. Thank in advance.
  2. Thank you both gentlemen. I have since stumbled across Roberts Motor Parts and talked to Gary Roberts. I think for now, at least I will get one of the $45.00 ones from him. As you said ply33, $9.00 a year sounds like a very reasonable cost. jpage, that certainly is a beautiful setup on yours. Thank you both again.
  3. Accompanying is a picture I took of my oil filter this morning on my 1938 D8 Touring Sedan. As I said in a previous post, Dodge Brothers cars and antique cars in general are pretty new to me. How does one go about changing the oil filter on this car? This canister appears to be sealed unless I'm missing something. I don't see a way to change an oil filter element or originally did you have to buy one of these canisters every time you changed it? I know I'm asking elementary questions for the folks here but I'm just trying to learn, Thanks in advance.
  4. Thank you for your reply, cahartley. I remember my dad had a small engine (lawn mower) repair shop in the 50's and the Champion J-8 was the go-to plug for almost everything he fixed.
  5. Hi All, A few months ago I acquired my first antique automobile, a 1938 Dodge Brothers D8 Touring Sedan. Mechanically it appears to be 100% original. I've taken it to a couple of cruise nights and a couple of local shows where it won "Best of Show" in both. Today I decided to take a look at the spark plugs. The current plugs are a Champion J11C which show some wear. Car has run fine since I've had it. I have a copy of the shop manual which calls for a Champion J-8 gapped at .025". The current J11C's appear to have about a .033" gap right now. My question is: are the J1
  6. Hi all, Last fall I acquired a 1938 D8 Touring Sedan. The trunk stay (the arm that holds the trunk lid open), for lack of a better term, does not work correctly. Sometimes it won't let the trunk open and sometimes it won't keep the lid open. I'm sure it is not original but looks almost new. Could someone please let me know where I could get one of these that will work correctly? I'm pretty new to antique cars but have a long mechanical background so normally can kind of see what's wrong with something like this. Thanks in advance for any help you could give me.
  7. Hello johnny38, I just came across this old ad and thought I would say hello and if you're still around let you know that this car is now in my garage. I really appreciate the history here. It gives me some info that I didn't know, I traded for the car last fall but haven't done much with it yet. I intend to hit some cruise nights and shows in the next month or two so we'll get it out in the daylight a few times. Thanks again.
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