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  1. All vehicles over 40 years old don't pay the ULEZ charge in LONDON.
  2. Snap! My 19,000 mile original 48 new Yorker club coupe in black
  3. I had this on my 48 new yorker ,it proved to be very low fluid in the fluid drive unit ,have you checked that?
  4. I love washing my old cars ,hot water and shampoo with a sponge then carnauba wax with a microfibre cloth.Whitewalls and all the chrome last then relax.Takes about 2 hours for each car but ,you know what <i can't think of a nicer way to spend my time. If I didnt love my cars I wouldn't bother.
  5. I'm looking for the rubber covers for the screw motor assembly ,one each side and mine are TOAST~~
  6. hi, its a trim option ,plaid seats and door cards ,highlander badging and a short lived optional Sparton horn that plays The Campbells are coming! Plaid was available in various colours with the red being the most popular .This is now remade by SMS but is roughly $100 a yard ,you will need about 6 yards.And a lot of patience
  7. I too tow an old trailer with a 48 new yorker!I I get about 12 to the gallon ,but thats english gallons!
  8. Me and my 1941 Chrysler Windsor ,picking up the Christmas tree.
  9. I have owned my 48 new yorker in the uk for 11 years ,15mpg sounds about right ,but the loss of power is wrong i think as is the oil consumption ,maybe timing and switching to straight 30 will help ,am very envious of your trip to come!
  10. that's a 41 saratoga ,shame the straight 8 has gone!
  11. hi i will pay top dollar for the piece on the rear wing under the rear wheel rubber spat
  12. runningboardrubbermats.com ,or maybe the Plymouth doctor
  13. you can buy the rubber step mats ,usually about $400 !!!
  14. I have a 48 new yorker too ,had it for 12 years ,you have made a wonderful job!
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