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  1. I have owned my 48 new yorker in the uk for 11 years ,15mpg sounds about right ,but the loss of power is wrong i think as is the oil consumption ,maybe timing and switching to straight 30 will help ,am very envious of your trip to come!
  2. that's a 41 saratoga ,shame the straight 8 has gone!
  3. hi i will pay top dollar for the piece on the rear wing under the rear wheel rubber spat
  4. ,or maybe the Plymouth doctor
  5. you can buy the rubber step mats ,usually about $400 !!!
  6. I have a 48 new yorker too ,had it for 12 years ,you have made a wonderful job!
  7. hi all ,am thinking of buying a 56 premiere coupe ,all original ,is there anything in particular to look for? Any inherent weaknesses or well known things to look out for? Am swapping my 48 New Yorker for it if i like it ,would the original wiring be ok ,its a california car!
  8. Dash is body colour as they are welded in and so have to be painted at the same time as the body.
  9. Are you sure the overdrive knob isn't the freewheel knob to be used when towing?
  10. If you want fast take off buy a motorcycle,don't buy a car with fluid drive.I have two so I know!
  11. I had the one on the right in my 48 ,i was plagued by low oil pressure readings and i took that thing out about half a dozen times! Only when it was polished to a mirror shine did it work properly ,cleaning it REALLY well was the key.
  12. Yes ,its the courtesy light switch ,the spare hole next to it is where i have put the on off toggle switch for my 6 volt electric pump on my 1948 New Yorker.
  13. hi ,i will have to see if there is a spring in there ,i don't recall seeing one when the carb was rebuilt!
  14. hi i have both the 40 and the 41 shop manual but the instructions are no where near as clear as the Motors manual! Thank you very much for this pages!I will investigate this weekend ,seems it can only be the wiring as i have replaced EVERYTHING else!Its odd as in every other respect the vacumatic works perfectly ,shifting up and down exactly as it should. Only the flooring of the accelerator in fourth does nothing and it should shift down to third.