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  1. Dood, it's a 93, silly! j/k. It's definitely not a '59 as it has 'suicide doors'. Can't tell further without seeing the front.
  2. Best holiday wishes and a hearty ho-ho-ho to you all
  3. Ordinarily I'd say 23 Yeunglings for a 'Vette is a fair trade, but I wouldn't bet your life on it ever happening, wives notwithstanding.
  4. The true irony is that fish ARE carburetors that work backward.
  5. I guess we should be thankful that Lucas never made carbys...
  6. Well known is a given. But it is still remarkable IMO. The 'metal fenders' thing is news to me, and I shall look into it, thank you.
  7. If the Trooper is under 70yoa, (s)he is prolly fulla crapola, and has no legal basis for the opinion. You should request that this Trooper ask the Supervisor to accompany the visit.
  8. I had hoped such a beautiful creation would inspire more conversation.
  9. I gotta say, I'm not a fan. And this isn't because I voted for Reagan. It's probably due to some silly prejudice. Over the years I have had countless cars/trucks with AFBs which worked just fine, but I didn't like the way they 'looked'. There is probably a lesson in bigotry somewhere in this. The last AFB I had was on a '79 F250 4x4 with a 400M which could pull down surplus farm buildings and haul them away without losing ANY fuel economy. I always wanted to put an Edelbrock on that truck but why spend 6 hundo on a $250?