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  1. Hi Everyone - New to this forum, as I am pursuing a local mystery/legend. The attached photo is an image of a vehicle at the center of a ghost story. It is purportedly the wreckage of an automobile that met its doom when a careless husband failed to take his vehicle out of gear while stepping out to take a photo from a cliff. According to the legend, his wife and child suffered an untimely death when the car proceeded to roll over the edge, and the vehicle has remained at the bottom of the cliff since. There is a detailed ghost story surrounding this artifact, but no one seems to know any facts in the case. I am following up on multiple leads in this story. But first: can anyone on this forum confirm our suspicion that this is a 1954 Pontiac Chieftain? If it is, where would we locate the VIN? We believe finding the VIN would provide additional leads. Thank you for your help!