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  1. Wanted to THANK YOU for the information. We were able to get the install completed flawlessly.
  2. THANK YOU!!!!! That's very helpful!!!!!!! Matthew you ROCK!!!!
  3. I am looking for guidance please. We are an auto glass company in NC that has a customer with a 55 Super 8. They want us to install the windshield. I have been a glass man for many years and worked on a lot of classics. I figured out the top chrome goes into the gasket and once the glass is roped in it screws to the body before the sides wrap around. My question is ... how does the bottom chrome attach? It looks like it wraps around the gasket and lips in on the on the glass edge but that just don't seem correct(glass to metal). I can tell it does not lock into the gasket like the top one. Any advise?