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  1. Sorry my friend just called .....he failed to put the car in park. Old age is setting in.....several day of worry. Thanks for everyone's help..... Lots of concerns for nothing. Jim
  2. Great questions - this is a friends car, No sound, key start Lights appear to be bright I will check on other questions Car was started about a month ago, battery seemed low so he bought a new one and installed it....terminal connection were cleaned at that time. I Believe this battery has not started the car since being installed Plugs have not been pulled, trying to rotate not yet...
  3. this car is a friend, he does not have internet, I'm trying to help him,, the car is at his house. I don't where the starter relay is located, I believe it's on the starter?? He has sold his home and has to move the car, the battery seems to be fully charged but still does nothing when you turn the key, the car has been started about a month ago, this seems to be a new issue...... We appreciate your assistance and help JIm
  4. car has been starting lately - month ago, just put in new battery, lights work, now it won't even try to turn over, connections were clean seem okay. ???
  5. 1950 Buick Straight 8 , new battery, lights work, won't turn over engine....