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  1. Isn't it engine from the 24KV generator? Exhaust outgoing up and missing fuel pump... Dad.
  2. But the blower is from 500k ... and that's little strange ... for be sure we just need to remove the valve cover
  3. It is listed as 500K ... also the blower looks for me as 500K.
  4. I looking for ONLY engine block for 54OK
  5. My bet is still w143 ... front fender is the easiest way to see the difference. Also, the wheel is much different.
  6. For me, it looks more as MB 230 W143 ...
  7. The engine is from W18(290) or w142(320), intake and exhaust completely new, and too much free space till radiator. front rocker arms looks like w18/w142, but frame is more like Swiss cheese ... very-very light, usually frames was more like truck-type heavy. Just my 2 cents. Dad.
  8. Is one of them available? Also ...does 380K and 500K use same blower?
  9. Wrong body Special Roadster is more expensive when you want to sell it.
  10. It's not so hard to find, the "kompressor" engine is hard to find I've on 260d engine for trade.
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