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  1. It was in the early 1980s when I first saw this car on High Street, Lower Hutt, New Zealand.. It was being housed at the front of a used car dealers yard in a large glass display case. The car was the subject of widely reported news items then as it is now that it is being made availabe again for purchase at auction. Its claim to fame is the almost unbeleivable 74 miles it has traveled since new. After learning of this beauties existance and after an initial reaction of wonder and marvel at this grand old dame without a feeling that follows of some sadness that it is really an oddity to be closeted away for its value to increase and its potential to be realized as a prudent investment by whom ever becomes the car's current custodian and in that respect is much like any other comodity investment. However unigue this car is, it is unlikely to become much more than a curiosity for anybody out side of the circle of profit taking. Let's hypothesize for a moment and consider a situation where this car was part of a well known collection, one say, like Leno or Petersen in Los Angeles or similar collections of automobiles housed in most any other state in the Union that have been restored back to original condition or better or have survived the years and time has been gentle on them. The '58 Studebaker Champion would attract no more interest or importance attached to it than that of any other car produced by a once great auto builder with a proud heritage that at the time of its manufacture was soon to become but a memory to spend its days as though time has stood still.for it. Then latter to asume an elevated status as a curiosity bought about by a peculiar quirk of human nature where love in vain caused a broken heart of its first owner and this classic to be cocooned and lifeless for the next thirty years with its original purpise unfullrfilled. If this car could be personified it would surely evoke a kind of sweet melancholy that an automobile such as this should be viewed only because of its extrodinarily low odometer reading.