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  1. Found the answer from another forum. It was suggested to look on ebay for a Autolite part, he even gave me the correct and complete number of my distributor if it is original and the Autolite part number to look for on ebay. Low and behold there was one listed as a buy it now for less than I was getting them at the local parts store. It fits perfect! I noticed this with other electrical parts such as the switch on my starter, if I buy NOS they always fit perfect.
  2. I have an IGS distributor in my 46 WC. I changed the points and condensor to a Pertronics module, but haven't started it yet. So my question is how loose orl"snug should the rotor fit? When I went to pull itoff it was loose and I could wobble it around. Seems like it should fit snug. And I looked up the part on O'Reilly's web site and it is the same loose fit. So I'm wondering if my distributor has the correct rotor
  3. I got a certified scale weight receipt the other day. It had 16 gallons of gas, a small box of tools about 10 lbs., the receipt said 3080 lbs.
  4. Figured it out. It is located under the floorboard on the drivers side just in front of the gas tank which is under the seat. I have only seen one picture of an original box, most others were fabricated. I discovered that one picture after I fabricated a box, which turned out good, the brackets are on the outside of the frame with supports from the top down to the bottom on the inside of the frame. Thiis gave me plenty of access room to the brake line and wiring if needed.
  5. Yeah a buddy of mine bought a 32 chevy sedan and the light does not go with it. Im sure it is aftermarket, but it's pretty cool. Still looking...
  6. Can anybody tell me what holds the front fenders next to the cab at the cowl? One of the previous owners screwed a bracket to the firewall of the cab and then drilled a hole in the inner fender with a bolt holding things together. I know this is wrong but it looks like the only thing holding the rear of the front fender is the running board and the inner fender splash shield. Is this correct?
  7. I'm looking for one of these in the photo. I'm not sure who made it or when it was made. Any information appreciated. Looking for a friend.
  8. Does anybody have a picture of the battery box under the seat on passenger side with the cover plate removed. On my truck somebody decided in the past the battery would do better hanging on the firewall on the drivers side. I'm going to put it back where it belongs and need some tips on what is supposed to be there. There is one bracket bolted to the frame, very close to the muffler that was left there. Maybe a cherry bomb would give a little more room. So are both brackets the same or are the angles of the bends opposite? There must be a piece of angle I am assuming bolted to the end of these brackets. Are there tie down bolts in that piece out on the end of the bracket? So can I assume the tie down bolts run at an angle to another angle on the top of the battery? What is the correct routing for the cables to the starter and where should the ground connect? In advance all suggestions and help are appreciated. Ill try and get a picture to show what I've got. Really want to get this truck back to original in every aspect. Edited images in. There is a photo of the frame where a single bracket hangs. Maybe there is supposed to be an exhaust hanger that goes there? The centers of holes are 8-3/4" on bottom flange of frame, but no hole above for bracket to bolt to frame. It just doesn't look like there are holes for a battery tray. In the other photo is the old battery bracket. Nothing there to secure the battery down. Could those 2 brackets be for something on this truck? Update a day later. Spotted a picture o line of another WC and could see signs of batttery on driver side in front of fuel tank. Pulled floor board and. Going to work making one myself.
  9. Ok thanks for the reply. Thinking back, my Dad's 54 didn't have what looked like a factory bumper either. I thought a front bumper back there might look decent.
  10. I never thought it would be that difficult finding a rear bumper for a Dodge half ton 46 pickup. Anybodies help will certainly be appreciated.
  11. I never thought it would be that difficult finding a rear bumper for a half ton 46 pickup. Anybodies help will certainly be appreciated.