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  1. You said it looked like an American Desoto by the looks of the rear, which gots us thinking. We checked out the car, and found out the car VIN does not match the one in the booklet. However, we did find out it is indeed an American built Desoto by looking at the VIN on the chassis. Even found an old DMW paper (title nr, vin nr, ...). Did some Googling around, we are now sure it is a Fireflite. Back to the FCA it is!
  2. Thanks for the help already guys! Restoring will take long though, so we aren't sure if we want to put our time / money in it. Is there someone out there who can value this car (which has knowledge of it ofcourse)? FCA wasn't able to provide input (asked the contact person if he has ever seen something like this, didn't really answer), so it's great to receive some answers here! Well, the owner says it is a Diplomat and so does the official booklet of customs (and governement, CoC) that we have. We have all the papers that belonged to this car, which gave us some small hints to search for. The dashboard has a "FireFlite" emblem so we know it shares some parts with that. If someone wants some more pictures, let me know, I have a couple more!
  3. Oh, we didn't know you could request custom built body Desotos. Is it worth anything and can you still find parts for it (for example, from a fireflite)?
  4. Hi there For a while now, we have a Desoto in our possesion. However, we call it an anamoly. I have never seen a Desoto like this before and I cannot find anything similar on the internet. It is a very large limousine with two bog rear doors. Our papers (original ones) tells us its a Desoto Diplomat De Luxe M/58 of 1959. Dashboard has Fireflite emblems. FCA America and FCA Canada were unable to help us. Anyone who can help us?
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