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  1. it sold today for $3,850 argggh doesn't help the values
  2. The go on any green(green arrow) is a leftover result of Drag Race Fever Happens to the best of us LOL
  3. Wishing everyone Health, Happiness and Buick emblems and what they are attached to for 2020 and seconding my 60 is 60
  4. Merry Christmas to all and families a Happy and Healthy New Year and Holiday Season. May we all have a wonderful and safe New Year filled with our Buick's and friends
  5. Had to do some work on my Rainier last night so the Reatta had to spend that time outside and of course for that short time it snowed but it's back in side dry and warm
  6. many owners are putting Dual reservoir masters on their car for the safety if something goes wrong with disc brakes you will have to use a proportioning valve i would contact Wilwood to see what they recommend as far as fluid volume and with discs power should definitely be considered my opinion hope it helps
  7. WOW WOW WOW so cool, very nice, love the colors 57's just work so well as customs mild or radical the lines the windows very nice work
  8. i looked at one a bunch of years ago non turbo Sport Coupe Lesabre had the 403 Olds i think an 80 nice car well complemented with options just not what i wanted at the time
  9. Don that is a very interesting story and adds to the history of part of Buick's advertising. Your timing sounds correct because as you can see on my 75 Pace Car the hawk was in full flight, and it appears in alot of the literature also
  10. Matt you and i really don't know each other than maybe some forum posts but if i may comment Sometimes over the years i have thought that my cars in their own way have been testing me to see if i am worthy of owning and driving them. i know that when they get to much i close the garage door and concentrate on other parts of life for a while maybe an hour a day a week or more, go back refreshed and look at it differently, sleeping ALWAYS helps. having this as a business i am sure makes it more difficult for your own pleasure with your car. please remember these cars never run perfect there wouldn't have been 4 gas stations on 1 intersection if they did. Do not try to compare today's cars with our old cars there is way to much of a difference. our old cars you were lucky to get 100k with no major work now its just broken in at 100k and 200-300k is not so unusual. enjoy the good times when they run right and smile and when they don't let them know you are better and smarter then they are. As far as customers go, i have worked on a counter most of my whole life including now i love it most of the time and hate it at times. it has never been as difficult as it is today dealing with customers, you can thank Amazon, Home Depot and the rest where you can return what you don't like, you don't even have to think it through before buying it. nobody listens when you talk they only hear what they want to hear. i know it sounds like i am generalizing there are some really great customers out there i would go way out of my way for. but it can be tough dealing with the buying public. maybe with the customers you deal with you could try to feel them out and the good ones be really nice to and the tough ones be stern with not nasty just stand your ground if they want it they will pay for it if not don't let them waste your time. as far as the inspectors they are getting paid to do a job, maybe it annoys you when you have explained the car correctly but they have to report back to the people paying them but if they give you a hard time for no reason give it right back, sometimes people have to be put in their place. the Holidays are coming spend time with family as long as they don't drive you crazy, in the end they are whats important. if you are religious spend time there i have found that helps me! hope this helps
  11. parkertom just so you know a local dealer Arnold Buick/Chevy here on Long Island has a couple of used GS models on their lot with very low miles for about 32k. i know in the future we will probably be meeting at some point my son lives in Winchester and we go down there during the year for visits Beautiful country where you live, we made it out to Paris a couple of years ago and my daughter in law does theater in Edinburg so we might meet at some point
  12. Very cool stick and a long roof. very neat car and very nice that the court house guy helped make it a little cooler. just keep all the back end trim waxed and clean wagon trim on those cars in nice shape has to be super hard to find good luck
  13. Now Now lets not desert the camp until we have tried whats left. i agree with all of the above about sedans i currently love my wife's 2014 Lacrosse but on the same note i enjoy my 2005 Rainier all the time, and that is a TRUCK. i will miss the sedans, maybe they might smarten up down the road, unfortunately i don't think so. But don't poo poo whats left my sister in law has an older Enclave and it is a nice comfortable vehicle to drive one of our members has an Envision and loves it and when leasing a new car my daughter seriously considered an Encore ( lost out to a Subaru Crosstrek mainly on the payment) but these are some nice vehicles. they are not sedans and never will be, but they are versatile (read alot of old car parts in the back) and well built,will i own one when the Rainier goes probably not because now i'm hooked on trucks, and that R☹️ed Regal GS in the used car lot is definitely tugging at my strings HMMM!! its just so tough☹️
  14. Many thanks to Kingsley for all his hard work, we are a better community because of your dedication.
  15. Howard hope everyone returns safely home in your area My son and I were able to take the Reatta out for a ride before dinner had a great time. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL
  16. My son and his wife were in for Thanksgiving from Virginia and he wanted to go for a ride so we took the Reatta down to Jones Beach and Ocean parkway to stretch it's legs. Tossed the keys to my son and let him enjoy the drive. Had a real good time and some missed conversation together. Really felt like Thanksgiving, Good Times!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL.
  17. On vacation for the week, my wife and I cruised out to our favorite breakfast place, Maureen's Kitchen in Smithtown, last week on the 21st, for some excellent food. Gave the Pace Car a last good run for the season. Put in some fresh gas and into hibernation it went. Always enjoy cruising in this ride it never fails to please, and the company is still the best.
  18. To the above teachers (and everyone else) an example of you never stop teaching i knew next to nothing about these kind of autos/conversions and just in this thread i have learned quite a bit so much so that now there is another old car to add to the list of possibilities lol being in the auto industry/dealer these cars interest me and i could so see cruising in one of these Bad Boys! thanks for the posts
  19. Larry in London go to the London Transport Museum right in Covent Garden which is a fun place to visit and has food and a market and you are not that far from Trafalgar, Parliament, Downing and of course Big Ben if you don't mind walking. might want to consider The Royal Mews for Royal Carriages. haven't been in a long time but always loved London Have a great time find a small fish and chips place out of london to get the best meal and don't forget the mushy peas lol
  20. Man what a cool project for the youth to learn on i wish they had something cool like that when i was in auto shop i hope you can see the project all the way through it would be a nice thing for all involved to be proud of question: did that come out of Englers in New Angola PA i never saw it there but he had things tucked here and there? good luck keeping it going, there are just to many ideas running through my head looking at that, and not enough space or pocket change lol
  21. 60FlatTop always saw that in that vintage PA maybe its because i love the Jags did'nt much care for the vent window design but i would'nt turn one down because of it
  22. No sorry not me. my wife and i were at the BCA Northeast regional in Clifton Park in 17 we had the pace car. being a long time 60 fan i would have been all over your car.😊
  23. over the years i had a few of the flip-front cars an 85 Lesabre coupe and a 87 Lesabre coupe both purchased with over 70k and both lost the trans the same way. pulled up to a light the car dropped out of gear never to move again until the trans was rebuilt. also bought an 88 PA with about 40k put 100k+ on it with no major problems, gave it to a friend in the club and at last i heard the brake lines went at about 175k all were great to drive, great visibility, the PA was comfortable and i mean really comfy, decent gas mileage really liked the PA. the only real problem was it had the smaller tires and wire hubcaps, and i always felt the car was under tired, rode fine but if you pushed it you could hear it, i think the optional larger wheels and tires probably make it handle much better. accessibility under the hood is great EXCEPT doing a radiator (i did one) have fun with that. the 87 destroyed the plastic off the upper timing gear so much so that any carb car would not have run but the computer compensated so much for it it was just intermittent hard starting, surprised me when i took it apart. would consider buying one again but it would have to be a nice car, was chasing after one an old lady owned until she gave it to her adult son now its ruined, just transportation to him. oh well
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