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  1. Nice pics John, wish i could go on a 40 mile drive without having traffic LOL
  2. bill could you let us B60 people know what led's you used, where you got them from, and did you change the color. my dash is pretty dim Thanks Marty
  3. Hey Matt i know you love the older stuff but you better watch out your sitting with a prime, pristine example of Buick muscle don't drive it to much, YOU might not let it go
  4. Went to the cruise spot Saturday evening and took our 75 Century Pace Car and another Buick owner we know showed up with his 75 Lesabre Indy Festival Pace Car. Great little side show. His car was at Indy, my car was sold out of a Harriman, NY dealer and spent it's life in Harriman until I brought it to Long Island.
  5. So that guy smiling would be me and the reason of course is I am behind the wheel of my 60 225. My wife pulled up and did an impromptu pic.
  6. The Wife and I spent all day Saturday making a Buick day of it. Morning was spent running errands and doing brunch in our 91 Reatta vert. No pics though Then we ended up taking the Pace Car with some chapter members after 4pm to a real nice low key cruise spot. Great day with friends and cars and of course my wife.
  7. The Reatta is such a great platform to introduce the next generation to the Hobby. She loves it and my 75 Pace Car now i have to get her into the 57 Thanks Marty
  8. 36 Buick's just have so much going on, the more you look the more you love.
  9. My wife was working yesterday and my daughter wanted to visit her grandparents so it was a great time to take out the Reatta, and even better I let my daughter enjoy the drive and what we enjoy about the hobby. It's also great to be chauffeured around, but I couldn't let her have all the fun.
  10. anyone know any prior history on this car ???
  11. well used and well worn, tough times and we think we have problems
  12. for the owners who own the cars prior to lets say 1935 i wonder if some repairs you find were attributed to the stock market crash when so little was available. obviously not with RTV blue. just curious
  13. had a Tom-Tom for quite a few years thought it was great, loved the voices i had C3PO for the kids for fun, then Tom Tom told me that i was restricted to the Northeast maps because my memory is so small, and now my son now lives in Virginia and that is not part of the Northeast. used my phone for a few years, still do on local trips for traffic and such, but coming out of New Hampshire Speedway stuck in traffic a few years ago had no reception for my Droid phone or my daughters Iphone to map for us, could make calls but no working maps for about 5 miles. didnt like that decided then to buy a True GPS a Garmin at BJ's and am happy i went back to GPS for non local trips. both have their downfalls but this is how i roll at least for now Marty
  14. those rally wheels i thought had a reducing ring in the center on the back and people used to cut the ring out and it would fit the larger hub. again not sure and don't remember what year the rally wheels were from but check it out.
  15. i have been involved with 60 Buicks most of my life and we have a couple of 60 gurus on Long Island and all of us have pondered with no answer but 60's had either green or black springs on hood hinges so pick your color and hinges i believe are silver cad.
  16. Bill sorry to here about the house damage please keep posting with pics of your progress i had my 60 apart (no a/c car) for many years and while putting it back had the opportunity to get an a/c system out of a donor car until i found that i would have to torch out a third of my firewall and weld in from the donor. TO MUCH WORK so real interested in how yours works out is the magnum unit heat and a/c???
  17. Happy Harv Please see my post in this forum "1991 radio not working" MRJBUICK I am not saying this is your problem but it was a strange one for me. My radio was dead but before the battery went it was crackle and popping and mine is a 91. It is pretty easy to pop out the radio so disconnect it and one less thing to worry about while diagnosing. You might get lucky. Just an idea good luck Marty
  18. Over the weekend I pulled the radio started checking the pins in the plugs, I was getting power at the plug but the car had sat for a week and the voltage was only 10.2 so it was low. Hmmm I have a Delco radio tower I got out of a closing Buick dealer years ago so I checked and I had a 95 radio in it that I put in the car and everything worked and played pretty nice see pics below. I am going to live with the radio for now. NOW I tried plugging the original Reatta radio into the tower and smoke starts coming out of the radio. So I think the radio had a short and was draining the battery and probably killed the old battery . Thank God I found it. As of tonight 3 days sitting voltage at 12.32 so I think I am fixed. Thanks to everyone for the advice. Marty
  19. interesting car bottom of the line model but has tint, a/c, remote mirror, and power windows would love to know who ordered this one my parents first new car was one of these with the "pink" interior or rose color my first car was one of these, paid $35 for it couldnt kill it, lord knows i tried, i loved that car 62's are great cars always loved the dash one of the best Buick did would like to see more body pics, could tell a different tale Marty
  20. The radio has no display or anything so i will pull the unit to check for power if the pin out is in the service man i should have it if it is not then i could use it thanks for the advice Marty
  21. My radio stopped working after my battery died on me i replaced the battery with a new one and everything in the car works fine Except the radio and the antenna doesn't work 1 assume the antenna isn't working because it is not getting a signal from the radio i checked the 2 fuses and both are good the radio had the popping sound before this happened i am just curious if there is anything else i should be checking before pulling the radio out Marty
  22. my Gage of choice would be a Milton s-976 i have a prior version that's been my workhorse for years it is like the ones you would find at the service station's years ago its about 12 in long so not easy to loose but doesn't fit in the glove box
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