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  1. i believe there is some confusion on the Grooves on the carbs the Rochester is a cast iron base and uses the grove for heat for the carb and the auto choke the carter AFB has the grove but i think it is more for vacuum and has nothing to do with heat/preheat hence the plate to save the aluminum i hope this helps Marty
  2. Great video always have fun with the results polshing stainless totally agree with ALL the safety precautions mentioned above i learned the hard way how sharp the edge of my 75's grille molding was lucklly the damage wasnt too bad and healed well and the molding survived i have also had some good luck polishing plastic, different wheel and polish, but you have to know what plastic you have taillights come out great dashboard lens was a loser thanks for posting the video Marty
  3. With all due respect to the direction this photo has taken the sign on the rear of the Buick shows a ships wheel a quick Google brought up https://www.pilotinternational.org/ an organization started by women using a pilots wheel from a riverboat as their logo an oprganization charted in 1921 by local business women, an interesting read on their website so then i googled Tootsie Dewar and a newspaper clipping from Long Beach Ca June 1950 came up and it turns out there were 4 of them i guess sisters it does mention 3 blondes i have to admit it is amazing what is on the internet oh and geat pic of a nice Buick and Blonde
  4. Thank You to all yes these are replaceable h4 bulbs i have the problem with the left/driver unit the socket hits the bracket not on the right but it is close 2seater are your housings Hella, do you put the rubber seal over the bulb. and are your housings e spec or DOT with alignment tabs i am wondering if the vision plus DOT H4 housings would be better for rear clearance, but they dont have as much of a cutoff i think absolutely love the E spec cutoff in the lights i have IPC lamps in my 78 wagon and my 75 pace car but this brand seems to have gone away they were quality (not as good as Hella) made in Japan again thanks for the input any more is always appreciated i purchased my Hellas off amazon about 2 years ago tried to make it work then gave up but i really want something better and H4
  5. I purchased the Hella E spec Housings thinking that they would replace the the sealed beams. the bulb seems to be deeper in size and the plug now hits the headlamp assembly mounting bracket. i know i can grind the part of the bracket to clear the electrical connection. just wondering if anyone has tried his before and maybe there is a better way. please dont bring up the led headlamp issue i am not partial to how they look and have always loved euro lights from the first days of my driving with Cibie lamps many moons ago.
  6. A beautiful 58 and sunny day on Long Island and perfect for our first in person chapter meeting of the year in the park. I took the Reatta top down of course. We even had a visit from some Lower Hudson Valley members. Great day with Great people. Marty
  7. this car sold today both buyer and seller happy
  8. to all members this car sold today and both seller and buyer are happy
  9. you must be assuming i know how to do that lol
  10. please check out Buick Buy-Sell for information and Pics
  11. I am helping a friend and former BCA and Long Island Chapter member's widow sell this car. i am just trying to find it a good home, possibly in the BCA, and take any calls and questions this car was a Senior Preservation at the 2015 Nationals the Car is located in the Port St. Lucie area of Florida i am in Long Island i hope to have more full pics later in the week for any information and details please call me at 516-606-4620 6pm to 10pm any day eastern time if i dont answer please leave a message do not lowball me this is a very nice car at a fair price asking $8,000 you can try texting me during the daytime, if i can i will resond asap
  12. I like the rules that Lamar has in Georgia but up here in NY its a little different 50 states possibly 50 sets of rules and what town or county is going to go against the governor i don't like it any more than you guys but sometimes it just is what it is. The BCA has to make a decision with what they know now not what might be, and i cant speak for their decision making, who would have thought we would be having these conversations 2 years ago. old-tank don't end your membership just because of this, the main source of Buick and where else would you find a nicer bunch of people than us? lol Marty
  13. I do not have any more info then what i have read above I do think we shuld all take a deep breath until an official statement is announced. but from my own experiance the insurance is following state guidelines so how do you control that in an outside venue and if you go beyond the limit and something happens you might not have insurance then where does it fall, on the organization and board members. all i am saying is there is so much more than just hanging out at a car show. (which i was hoping to do in NC) i am not totally sure we are going to have our local show in September because of what i said above, i will know when we get there the BOD/NMC are in a tough position no matter what the decision. most of us just want a car show that why for the last year most events have been non organized events my opinion Marty
  14. This was once a clean bench and will be again, I just don't know when lol. This is about at it's worst At least I am in good company
  15. Steve and Margaret my apoligies for not seeing this sooner and thanks for emailing the question. For everyone we do have room for trailer parking and would love to see the pre-war Buicks.
  16. Bill the term i believe for what happened to your stator is a vane "FOLDED OVER" no joke when i bought my 60 many many years ago my stator looked just like yours. replaced the one vane checked the rest and back together it went. those stator vanes are constantly under pressure and heat so like anything else sometimes fail. you are holding the father of the switch pitch turbo hydramatics and the reason the trans is so smooth and became a better performer once the movable stator was added i the mid 50's. you just have to love the engineering that went into these cars. i love telling people i have a trans that doesn't shift, totally confuses non Buick owners. they just don't understand. good luck with your project
  17. until
    Long island Buick Chapter of the Buick Club of America Annual All Buick Show Wantagh, NY Rain Date September 19 This show is Tentative because of COVID Restrictions As details are finalized they will be posted Please visit our website at libuickclub.org
  18. The Long Island Chapter is tentatively planning our Car Show for September 5 Rain Date September 19 We are planning to be in the same location at the Wantagh, NY Railroad Station Because of the ever changing situation associated with COVID we will be letting you know when plans have been finalized. We are anticipating that we might be dealing with covid restrictions at the date mentioned, as we get closer to the date we will know more please visit our website at libuickclub.org
  19. All above comments i have to say ALL are valid points I guess the important thing right now is to get the info back to the BCA so they can make their decisions. A good way the BCA might look at things(they are probably doing it already) to review might be Date/Location/Attendance factors and see what affects what. My children attended with my wife and i and we made a vacation out of it. (example Buffalo Nat. the family all went to Niagara Falls) so we made the best out of it, and everyone was happy, and my young son at the time was introduced to a long line of Reatta's and he and my younger daughter participated in the youth judging, now she is putting dibs on my pace car lol. so i feel the summer is a better time to have it. Lets face it if all goes well, this year should be better than last year, BUT it is still going to be a very complicated year. That is why for this year our LI Chapter show which is normally in May is "Tentatively" being scheduled for September 5. the most important thing is to stay safe so we can all see each other down the road. Marty
  20. after reading the January Bugle article on the 59 redesign its interesting to see that the front "corporate door" doesn't have the tail spear section on it yet
  21. as said above red engines definitely 1966 340 ci because 1967 had sticker with engine size on it on the valve covers there is no spot for the stickers on those covers. what i found interesting is how the starters have so much overspray making them red and here we are detailing the black and aluminum on the starter motor we should just slather engine color paint all over them lol. would love to have one of those cradles the engines are on. great pic
  22. see this website http://plates.lachs.net/col/for/ scroll down to Germany shows this and other plates used in that country, my son has the silver letter green background in his USA plate collection marty
  23. Sad to here at any National i was at i always had to stop by his area he always had some of the most interesting stuff and interesting knowledge he had quite a bit of knowledge on the pace/festival cars from Indy He will be missed Blessings to the family
  24. Now come on Brian that's cheating using the emblems lol some really great pics of some beautiful cars man do those 59's have a presence love that they are being driven by military or cadets of some sort and i wouldn't mind seeing a better pic of the commanding officers military Jeep thanks for the pics
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