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  1. That is an original 1958 Limited at its first car show / The new owner and car recieved our Spirit of Buick award at the show
  4. Thanks for all the responses / info i ended up calling Best Gaskets, they were very helpful i was worried about the exhaust crossover and the gasket material i was told that the material is actually exhaust gasket material so no worries there should be installed without sealant although that is left up to the builder and torque "SHOULD" be the same. i have a set of Fel -Pro steel shim gaskets on the way from Rock Auto also so i have my choice when i get it apart, neurotic i guess lol thanks to all for the input and info Marty
  5. Just trying to find out if anyone has used the fiber/paper intake gaskets for the nailheads from Cars in NJ up until now all i have used is the original style steel shim gaskets. i understand they are getting harder to get, and in many instances replacements are just as good. I am just trying to find if anyone who has used them likes or dislikes them i have to use them on my 57 364 they are also the same as 60 401 i am just a little concerned by the exhaust crossover ports. and of course i am doing this for the rotted freeze plug UNDER the manifold, fortunately which i have already. Thanks for any help/input Marty
  6. Thanks to everyone who called for more info on our show. we are watching the weather closely for our rain date. if the weather holds we hope to see everyone there June 10th. Marty
  7. The Long Island Chapter Show Will Be On June 10th Weather Related decision Hope to see you there Thanks
  8. Sorry to say but we have postponed the May 27th show to the Rain Date June 10th the weather for tomorrow does not look good for a car show so we hope the weather will be great on the 10th We Hope You Can Make It Marty
  9. I don't think her model year looks quite the same, but most of the 61 Buicks i see these days look great!! LOL
  10. Just about 2 weeks away. Please see our website for info and entrance form, hoping for great weather. Three hours south of Lebanon Valley BCA race day. Race on Saturday, Relax on Sunday. See you soon Marty
  11. not sure about the spring but i believe that the plastic is the breather for the power brake booster, if you look above the brake pedal under the dash you will probable see the tube about the size of the hole where the spring is going in in the picture. there is supposed to be some sort of filter material in the plastic so no dirt is sucked into the booster
  12. My friend collects 61s he is not a member of the forum if you contact me I will give you hid contact info. He is interested Thanks Marty
  13. Absolutely love this cars and looking like a train does it get any better. Probably pulling that brick down the pike brought the gas mileage down to almost nothing but look at the great looks you would get, lol. Does anyone know if this was privately built or did a trailer company offer it?
  14. My preference is westleys bleche-wite but i prefer to use on a cool motor, it will take off light grease dirt and grime, usually doesn't harm paint but check first and do not leave it on to long, and don't let it get on the paint in the hot sun. i also have had good results with super clean but watch out on aluminum parts it can make them look oxidized, and DO NOT spray on polished aluminum you will be sorry. And remember to cover up your electronics from water!
  15. i had 2 of these limo's for my wedding in 1983! i know that these are usually used as funeral cars, but my wife wanted modern limo's and i wanted Buicks, so it worked for us and has been for 35+ years. i know this has been talked about elsewhere but having a wife who enjoys the hobby helps out so much and i know how lucky i am. Seeing these pics bring back some great memories, Thanks
  16. If it works and wont strip the bolt use it, so many sizes are so close between fractional and metric
  17. concerning the tools needed for these new cars, if you don't have a 5.5 mm socket in your 1/4 drive set make sure you add one. i checked my 91 and that is the size of bolt that holds the coils on. you can buy them individually from craftsman or husky at Home Depot. for the price you might want to get a couple, very easy to lose. That size appears more on even newer models.
  18. I would just like to go back a bit and ask DAVES89 what sequential kit did you use and how easy was it to install/where did you get it /how much thanks for the help Marty
  19. The Long Island Chapter hosts the 39th All-Buick show at the Wantagh Train Station, Sunrise Highway, behind Sun Buick-GMC. GPS location: 3470 Park Ave. Wantagh, NY 11793. Sunday May 27th, Show Hours 9am to 3pm. Show open to all Buicks including Modified. NEW THIS YEAR, the non-judged DRIVER/SURVIVOR class and we welcome OPEL having their own class. Special pricing for Pre-War. Rain Date Sunday June 10. Please see our website: www.libuickclub.org for more info and registration form, or contact and day of show call Dave 516-380-5751 millard48@optonline.net or Marty 516-606-4620 mrjbuick@optonline.net Registration form should be on the website by Feb 1
  20. PEAK lists it on their website as the GREEN antifreeze but on the label it is listed as being for GM cars 1995 and prior the PEAK part #s are for full strength PKA0B3 and for the 50/50 ready to use RUAB53 amazon has it listed for sale Barney i think what you may be experiencing is that even our newer collector cars are getting to the point where the replacement parts are not selling well in the stores so they are not being stocked anymore. i think that means we are getting even older LOL my local Advance auto part used to carry the PEAK but they have a house brand for older cars
  21. just to add to this topic another reason the coolant had to be checked in the older cars was that there was no coolant recovery tank and if the coolant expanded and spit out it was gone! also an important note is to use the correct antifreeze for your year. the late model antifreeze sometimes have additives that can attack gaskets in the older engines, GM went through this when they came out with DEXCOOL in 96 it was attacking the gaskets. i dont know if any of this has changed but advance auto parts and PEAK have antifreeze for the older cars. TRYING TO KEEP FROM FREEZING IN NY
  22. Thanks much for clearing that up, at least in my head! lol now i'm just waiting for the winter weather to go away to go topless Marty
  23. quick question on this. i just purchased a 1991 convert about a month ago and it does not have the lighted lock cylinders, i had a couple of 1990 parts cars in the past and remember they had the lighted cylinders. did Buick do away with them for the 91 model year? this car is a repaint(DONE BEFORE THE PRIOR OWNER BOUGHT IT) and the detail to pieces put back together probably after the repaint leaves me questioning if the non lighted cylinders are correct. I realize twilight sentinal was added in 91 does this have something to do with it Thanks for the help Marty
  24. Just wanted to say thanks to all those who put on a GREAT regional. My wife and i really enjoyed the weekend, sorry we had to leave the tour after lunch but our visit to New Hampshire was calling us. thought i would give you a view from the pace car, following all the cars especially the 27 was such a treat. cant wait till you guys do a National!!! lol Marty and Grace
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