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  1. 5 hours ago, parkertom said:

    Trip passed away in late 2020. I think they have settled the estate and his son, CT, seems willing to part with the Reattas. He let me in the storage trailer to check out the three he has in there. I told him the Polo Green 91 might be the most interesting one in there. I think he said it has 60,000 miles. One of the convertibles was dry as can be. The other had a bit of a moisture smell inside. They have all been sitting in there for a long time.




    polo green is one of the holy grail Reatta's

    is he asking reasonable prices

  2. Sunday i had the opportunity to attend an old car drags. this is one of the first on Long Island not at a sanctioned track. it was run by a group that is primarilly flathead fords.

    but alot of fun for 3 hours. show cars were free, they only raced for max about 500 ft but the show gave me the glimpse of what it must have been like back in the 40's and 50's at the airports racing.

    this wont be my last for sure. the only Buick there but the 57 was well received and it was great to have it out.

    20210912_120045 (2).jpg




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  3. I don't know if this quite qualifies but on Sunday we finally had the Long Island chapter show and running the show the hard working team and I got to hang out with about 70 Buicks and 10 other brands. My daughter brought my pace car and her boyfriend my 91 Reatta. I had to haul stuff in my GMC Terrain. And my son got to drive them both back home with his wife shuttling. Best of show was a 38 Century, Dealer choice 70 225.the rebadged Regal GS/Opel was interesting in that the young owner was very into the car and found out after buying it used from a dealeri, it had been on display at the Detroit auto show. Nice to see the future is still interested. Great day and show Here's some pics.











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    We are still going to have our car show in Wantagh on Sept. 5

    BUT because of the rise in COVID-19 DELTA variant infections, the board unanimously decided to change from a Peer Judging / Trophy show to a NO ENTRY FEE / NON JUDGED SHOW. We understand this is not our normal way of doing our show, but in the interest of the safety of our members and the participants of the show we feel this would limit our contact and be in the best interest of everyone participating

              We will be following any COVID guidelines from the town, county, or state.

              Unfortunately we will NOT be having a food vendor at the show, so please be prepared to bring your own food and refreshments.

    If you decide not to attend at this time we hope to see you in 2022 at our May show

    Please feel free to call me with any questions @ 516-606-4620

    Stay Safe

    And Buick on


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  5. On 7/28/2021 at 1:23 AM, Marty Roth said:


    Thank you, Elpad, for this pic.


    The 1956 Buick is stopped (in a No Parking Zone) at the main entrance to Radio City Music Hall on what was the New York City's 6th Avenue, later renamed Avenue of the Americas. this pic looks to the South on 6th Ave, and the cross traffic is going east on 50th Street. To the immediate right, 10 years later, would have been my office on the 4th floor of the Time & Life Building, with multiple fountains at the entrance, and parking spaces reserved for "New York Press - Only". 


    Thanks for the memories.

    And if you were parking in a press area you had better make sure your car had NYP license plates otherwise the meter maids would be more than happy to ticket you. lol

    just wondering if that was an overcast day or could that be smog.

    that area looks quite different now

    great pic thanks


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  6. On 7/12/2021 at 6:19 PM, old-tank said:

    Vapor lock occurs on the suction side of the fuel pump.  Any pump will push fuel and any vapor in the line.

    I stand corrected Thank You

    but then could we consider fuel percolation lol

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  7. i belive that 60 is the last year for bolts on the wheels as also for the pedal start and torque tube

    on all my cars i have an inline filter before the fuel pump after the metal line in the short rubber hose in the engine compartment.

    temporarilly i would also put one between the fuel pumpand carb but just be aware that not being high up in the air stream from the fan it might also contribute to vapor lock

    i dont belive the filter housing is reproduced but there should be some available on ebay

    it also looks like you might be missing the bracket for the fuel filter and possibly a vaccuum switch if you have a 2 prong flat plug just hanging out, not sure if the lesabre smaller motor had this.

    hope this helps




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  8. On 7/10/2021 at 9:49 PM, JohnD1956 said:

    Since our BCA Chapter has somewhat of a relationship with the Albany NY area Ronald Macdonald House, we were contacted about using some convertibles to transport the kids and parents for their 39th anniversary bash today.




    I wasn't in on the planning for this but I participated along with 4 others. 








    Somewhere along the way it turned out that the adults grabbed all the seats in the cars, except mine, and left the kids to ride the fake trolley bus. 


    This little sweetheart, on her moms lap in the back seat, wanted to ride in the GS, and her mom made sure they waited by the car so she would not be disappointed.  The girl and her father in the front seat were from Afghanistan and were very happy to roast in the hot sun while we crawled the several blocks of the "parade" 



    20210710_122301 (2).jpg.  


    The little girls brother wanted to drive the car.  His mom had all she could do to convince him this wasn't Grand pa's Miata and with all the police involved she did not want me to get in trouble letting him drive. 




    Meanwhile he had to roll all the windows up and down, and learn how to use the door handle to open the doors.  


    When it got to be a cooker on the way I gave the little girl in the front seat this Steele Hat, which brought a smile to her face.   I thought she looked pretty good in it. 


    I had the girl in the front seat blow the horn whereupon the little boy in the back had to do so too.  By then the little girl in the back seat finally loosened up a little and we planked her across the seats so she could blow the horn too.  😄


    It was a good time!  I am not even sure how far I drove, but the GS just glides along with narry any fuss.  Love the reliability of a Buick! 




    20210710_124534 (2).jpg



    probably one of the best things i have heard of yet to do with our cars, pics are great

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  9. 3 hours ago, Mark Shaw said:


        Your comments are even more relevant because you evidently do not own a prewar Buick!

    Mark thank you for the comment

    when i decided to take on being the Director of the chapter i run it as a Buick Club not pre or post war or late model

    anything produced by Buick is welcome. ( i even tried attracting opels for a while, but that didnt work lol)

    many years ago at a show and new to the hobby i saw an older gentleman hand cranking an early Buick, i think a model 10 not sure. i was hooked.

    i have not had a chance to own a pre war YET. i think 36 is a beautiful car with 37 and 8 real close 41 oh yeah and anything before 36 is just cool. my wife and i came real close, and i mean real close to pulling the trigger on a 37 mdl 41 a few years ago. it just didnt work out. Still kind of regretting not finding a way to get it. ah well..

    So the passion is there, but i stil love my pace car, my 57, and the Reatta and my wifes 2014 Lacrosse is a pleasure.

    so you migt say a man for all seasons lol

    thank you again 



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  10. After reading many of the above comments, if this is truly the attitude of the board, that is a shame. I can only tell you that is not the position of the Long Island chapter. For quite a few years now starteing with the prior director, to attract pre-war Buicks to our show their entrance fee is FREE. We want ALL Buicks at our show. Yes you might be able to see newer ones at Walmart but it is also about the owners who care for any Buick old or new. 

    The trend of 60,70 and 80s cars is ok they are easy to drive and what baby boomers remember growing up with. At our shows we want all years as many as possible. Those who don't understand this will learn one day but till then we will enjoy them.


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  11. 12 hours ago, Bill Stoneberg said:

    So today was the day to take the ball joints out of the control arms.  Easy peasy right ?  Grind the heads off the rivets and then use a punch and a hammer. Maybe an hours worth of work.  HA…That is so wrong.

    The rivets were put in by Rosie who thought she was building a pressure hull for a sub. Hydraulic rivets machine putting in red hot rivets and 60 plus years of rust mad it very hard. No way you could have done this while the control arms were still attached to the car.

    Rob made a tool from a wheel stud so he could press them out.

    All but one succumbed to the power of the press.  The last one didn’t move, heat didn’t help. Finally Rob drilled it out. 6 hours later they were all out.






    just adds to "They don't build them like they used to"   lol

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  12. As the director of the Long Island chapter i am disapointed to see this outcome.

    we have two 1916's in our chapter with owners who were interested in recieving these awards. i always thought that because of the circustances surrounding the movement of these vehicles over long distances to a National necesitating trailering, that if the requirement was to be driven on to a show field, why not let it be a local BCA chapter show or regional show or tour with documentation from the chapter director or board. Just to go on record i voiced this idea directly to the President John in a phone call, but to be fair i understand that John and the Board have been dealing with alot this past year and even now. but still i think there could have been a better way to keep it going. Thank You to those that pushed as far as it got. Marty

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