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  1. Thanks for your reply. After reading the many posts to my inquiry, I am leaning towards keeping the car original and only fixing what need to be fixed to get it up and running. And there is plenty to fix!!! The only thing I think I may need to fix or add to in 12 volt, but am still flushing out options. I want AC and a modern stereo, so I thought I would need 12 volt for that. Maybe not. Some say use a resistor, some say there are AC units that run on 6 volt. I am thrilled to get advice about this car from experienced folks, I really love this car and want to do it justice. cheers, 41Limo
  2. good to hear, leaning towards just fixing the parts that need fixing rather than changing it. !!!!!
  3. It was good to hear your praises about this car, and it's rarity. I had a feeling about this car when I saw it for sale on Craig's list. I just had to have it, no matter what shape it was in. When I searched for a car under $4000, that runs well, between the years of 1940 and 1970, this was the one that claimed my attention, and my devotion (and my money!) I have heard much advice about this car since posting my inquiry about starting to fix it. I hear you the others clearly and am inspired to do it honors and keep it mostly original. The only things I think I will need to do different is some of the electric, but that will be invisible change. Will keep you posted on it's progress!
  4. Hi Buicknutty, Good advice. I definitely am going to keep the car mostly original and bring it back to a respectable life on the road again. I am making a list of parts,costs,labor etc.. and happy I just crossed off converting brakes and steering. Good suggestion to have some backup parts, esp..if I don't want to cancel on someone's special wedding plans! How many of these cars actually still exist that you know of? Cheers, 41limo
  5. Hello! Thanks for your detailed reply. I have few more questions for you and am so grateful you have first hand experience with this kind of car. Regarding the 6 volt, Do headlight perform more dimly with 6 volt? and Can I run AC and a modern stereo on it? How would I get AC if it doesn't run on 6 volt? I am curious about the 12 volt system with a resister to the original 6 volt gauges? I am glad to hear the original brakes will be good, and I heard that steering wont be too hard with original system, besides I guess there are no kits for this conversion and it costs thousands to do with tons of problems in store. thanks a million for your wisdom!
  6. Hey yall, thanks for giving me so much information to contemplate regarding my 41 Buick Limited 90. At this point, it is not running and I am ready to start sinking some funds into it and I want to make informed decisions. I just spoke to a classic car restore expert and he said that to change the steering will costs thousands and there are no kits for that conversion. He also said to convert the brakes to power will also be a real challenge and quite expensive too. I'm not under any illusions that to restore this car will be cheap, but I don't want to fix the same thing twice if I can help it. My partner and I are starting a classic car limousine business and I want to make sure the vehicle is safe and easy enough to drive. We want to install AC and wonder if 12 volt is the only way to do that. I am a sucker for this car even though my landlord says he wants me to cover it because it's old and rusty. I still think it's beautiful!
  7. I just purchased a 1941 Buick Limited 90 Limousine and need to buy some kits to have my mechanic convert the steering and brakes to Power systems and change the 6 volt system to 12 volt. I am a total beginner at this and wonder if you all have any suggestions about where to order the parts and what kind is good for this car? I have a long way to go.... This is a before picture. will post the after photo later...Thanks!! Excited~41limo
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