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  1. Hello Matt I know from experience that ownership of some cars are rather character building, and still own a vintage Sunbeam that is in disgrace for having a major fail every other use. It is over ten years and I still haven't gone back to fix the engine. To top it all off the replacement Riley was just the same. It took three years but I wasn't going to be beaten. It is an inanimate object so it can be cured. I shall be watching your progress with interest, very few of these cars in Australia, if any. Good luck. Matthew
  2. I noticed the postings were missing/removed. Good luck with the Lagonda Bernie. Matthew
  3. Looks like that fuel gauge works along the same principles as the Hobson Telegauge. Matthew
  4. The Rolls Royce of Fiats, the 519, was also only built in RHD form. Perhaps they saw their largest markets as overseas plus the fact that Italy changed officially from left to right in 1924 could have a bearing. Matthew
  5. Epoxy. I have used it to keep oil and water in a couple of motor with no issues. I know of others who have too. Just has to be really clean. Have a look at this. http://www.oldclassiccar.co.uk/forum/phpbb/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=19919&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=15 Matthew
  6. Do you find that you get peppered by stuff thrown up from the front tyres? Unfortunately our local laws wouldn't allow this even if it was original, some type of guard over the tyre is compulsory. Matthew
  7. This is why I intend to no longer purchase dismantled cars, as you don't know if you have all the parts and if there are interlopers. Although I still have a Riley in stock like that. On the other hand all the hard work has been done in the dismantling and it does provide more hours of fun. Fortunately in this day there is more information about and it easier to access than in the pre-internet era. You are making good progress Bernie. Matthew
  8. Very nine. I love cars in this condition, providing mechanically safe and reliable. I wish my Sunbeam was in this state. Matthew
  9. Hello Bernie Another advantage of being in England at the moment is to enjoy the cool and avoid the heat and humidity here in Brisbane. Either that or visit my sister in Hobart. Matthew
  10. The one place that is worth trying is in Brisbane, run by Garth Browne. Enoggera Cylinder Heads, Shed 20, 51 Prospect Road, Gaythorne. I used to go to his father Peter's business, Power Brakes and Engineering so he should be capable. I can recommend you don't go near a certain establishment at Ningi. I know I won't be again. I have friends interstate that have successfully used a company in South Australia, which I was/am going to investigate next time I need white metal bearings, though I also live in Brisbane. Matthew
  11. Hello Bernie It is good news that the bottom end is so healthy. Does it appear rebuilt or low mileage? Hopefully you have other components in such condition. Did Melbourne Motor Bodies ever produce a catalogue of the bodies they produced? The 1928 Riley Nine roadster project was reputed to be a Melbourne Motor Bodies product however there were no body plates with it. Have you seen this 501 with a Melbourne Motor Bodies? Matthew
  12. I use grease on the Rudge type hubs, though either the Sunbeam or Crossley handbook said to fill the spinner with thick oil before installing. Must have made a hell of a mess, especially with the dirt roads of the '20s. Matthew
  13. Motorcycle fork oil. It is available in a few grades, and is what I use in hydraulic lever arm shocks. Matthew
  14. That timber is looking good now, it is a lovely hue. Definitely worth all your hard work. Matthew
  15. That saved the hood if it was tilt tray transported. A failure to the hood and frame happened to my Nine when the DPO had it transported on a tilt tray with the hood up. And it is still like it now. Hopefully there are no dramas with retrieving the hood, Bernie. Matthew
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