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  1. heinkera

    Need help with my 1924 special six

    thanks the pictures help a lot I was unable to tell if the lower seat framework was down on the floor and side rails or raised and on a slope backwards. looking at your pictures help with what the original looked like. could you give me the height of the front of the seat frame to the top of the floor. I would only be guessing from the pictures - Randy
  2. I am working on a 1924 special six open touring car wood body structure. I am now working in the front seat area. Between the rotten wood and a butcher job of the front driver sear wood I am struggling at how the original wood pieces looked or fit together. I am looking for any help with original factory drawing or maybe some pictures of a project before the seat springs or upholstery were put in. Pictures of front view back view side views all would help me to make it back as close as I can to original thanks - Randy
  3. heinkera

    1917 Stude touring body wood

    hello I am the one working on the 24 special six from above and now working on the middle section. I started at the front and went to the back seat area because that is where I had the body hold down bolts to get good measurements from. the pictures from frank helped a lot on the shape and how the pieces were placed. is there any one out there with pictures of the front seat area, back and lower front seat wood structure before the upholstery was put in thanks - Randy
  4. heinkera

    1917 Stude touring body wood

    hello Andy I am working on a 1924 Special six having to replace my wood. I haven't found any drawing either . What I have done so far is use the dimensions that I taken from the rotten pieces. the pictures from Gary have helped me a lot around the back seat area. That area there was just piles of rotted wood held up by the fuel tank the rest had fallen out during transportation to my garage. I can send you pictures of what I have done and some dimensions if you need some. my email is Heinker@butte.edu
  5. heinkera

    Gear shift lver wtb

    there is a complete transmission on Ebay Buy It Now for $100 item # 361941399657 Randy
  6. heinkera

    Gear shift lver wtb

    are you only needing the shift lever or the whole top? I have the extra " 23 " Parts of a car that is out back that has a complete trans. I think you have seen it. Randy
  7. heinkera

    24 special six wood in body

    Yes this is Randy. I have glued up the sill board this last weekend and may take you up on that offer as I start to get the pieces cut into shape. Thank you Gary for the pictures it gives me an idea of what my wood pieces should look like when I get the wood cut and assembled. Randy
  8. I am replacing the wood frame in the body of my 1924 special six touring. the wood from the front seat back is so decomposed that I have no idea of what the wood frame looked like or any of the dimensions. Is there any one out there that might have some drawing or blueprints of what the wood pieces looked like or how the different pieces fit together
  9. heinkera

    1922 Studebaker Special Big Six

    is this Studebaker still for sale . how much and where is it located Thanks