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  1. That was when I was using 1910 and 1914 examples which I now know do not apply. After receiving insight from several people I'm in agreeance that it's in the 12000 to $14,000 range and that would depend on how bad someone wants that car. Although having looked it over now myself I think $10,000 to $12,000 would make it a good deal
  2. LOL that is the car they told me this morning that since they had to drag it out for me that they went ahead and took pictures and put it on Craigslist and guessed at a price.
  3. Thanks for that info but I have found a huge difference in the pricing after 1916 ones like yours are the ones that have. For everybody that wanted pictures I went back and edited them into two of the Old Post I couldn't seem to get them to upload any other way
  4. I must apologize to anybody who's time I may have wasted the car belongs to a 90 year old friend of mine I told her I'd help him find a value sell it he hadn't seen it in years I didn't know he had it at all he thought it had brass on it and it does not Here Are some photos there is a hairline crack on top of the fuel vacuum tank if not for that it would run and drive I have been told it appears to me to be all original right down to the paint I also put some more pictures a few post back
  5. Thank you for the recommendation I kind of did that for the ballpark I got already which accounts for the large dollar spread it seems like desirability of model affected the values doing it that way. I did find one 1918 5-seater Chalmers that was very rough did not run in need of complete restoration and sold for 7,900 in 2013
  6. I added pictures here and further down in the post
  7. I will be heading out to the storage tomorrow and we'll get lots of photos and I'll post them as soon as possible
  8. I have a 1918 Chalmers touring model 30 in the original paint and condition it was running but the fuel vacuum canister started leaking. I would like to sell this car but have no idea of its value as I can not find a 1918 that sold for an example. The best I can tell it's worth somewhere between 25 - 60,000 or more from what I can see prior years have sold for .lots of brass on this car any interest or information would be greatly appreciated and I would listen to any fair offer this car is located outside Wilmington Ohio
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