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  1. Thank you very much for a more than adequate response. With this level of detail and help available, I may try more complicated maintenance and repairs. Have you done this level of documentation on all the components in your rebuild, and is it posted somewhere? I'll definitely join the club. Thanks again.
  2. Bucket List Item #1 - Get Nice Old Car. DONE Item #2 - Retire. DONE Item #3 - GO! In Process. 1937 Buick Special 40. And Special it is!!
  3. I had a lens fall out. Removed the other to find a very heavy (thick) cone shaped lens that doesn’t fit very well (see pieces broken out). Ordered two new ones. Same shape, thinner glass. Don’t seem to fit into the holder; Appears to be blocked by a spring wire? The Assembly has a G57 ID stamped underneath. No reference in owner’s manual on even changing the bulb. Removed from fender and removed top screw. Can’t figure out what is holding the three part assembly together, but need to open it up to potentially move the spring wire hugging the front. Any ideas on how to open this assembly up?