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  1. All we know is that my great great great great grandfather built it, along with the Pabian Car, in the early 1900's.
  2. Hello, My name is Kaitlyn. I am the great great great great granddaughter of Bob Pabian (on my mother's mother's side). My family and I are glad to hear that the Pabian Car is still around. The knowledge we have of the car is very limited, but because we are currently researching our family history, we are hoping to stumble across more information. I am not sure if you are aware, but the Pabians had built a race car as well as the Pabian Car. Unfortunately, we do not know what ever happened to the race car. I have a couple photographs of the race car (including a photo of someone sitting inside the car, which I would need to scan), as well as a color photo of the Pabian Car if you would be interested.
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