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  1. Bob, thank you for your information. I am happy to hear that you will make this test first and hopefully it will be in good shape. Thanks, and have a nice weekend Martin
  2. Fantastic, thank you for your answer Robert! I am very happy to hear that. As I wrote I would appreciate if you could send me the head bolts together with the cylinder head. And for the rest of the motors we can talk when you are again by good health. Please let me know about the details for payment and shipping. I am member of PAYPAL, if you accept. Thanks again and best regards Martin
  3. Thank you all for your answers! I forgot to add, that it is an alloy cylinder head. Also I add two photos. . There are two cracks. One on the left side from the thermostat opening to the bolt and the other goes from the thermostat opening till to the thread oft he first spark plug. You can see it is somewhat dark from the burnt cool water. Thank you again for your support and best regards Martin
  4. I I have a big problem. I started the motor of my Dictator and when the motor became warm, I saw that the cylinder head is cracked. Unfortunately it is not possible to weld. May I ask you if you know where I could get a cylinder head from ? Thanks for your answer Martin from Switzerland