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  1. I had just talked with one of the VPs of the LOC. He said the club is planning on next year. I’m guessing it’s going to be in conjunction with Ford, probably a big event. They are planning a very nice event this year but I don’t think it’s the 100. I’ve been planning on going next year. When Matt wrote it was this year I panicked. I need to find a trailer to use to get my Lincoln there and back. I don’t have an extra $27,000 in the bank to buy a new one, wish I did. Anyway this year‘s festivities look great, But I think the official 100th is next year.
  2. Matt I have been hearing conflicting stories on when the LOC will celebrate the hundredth anniversary. Everybody I talk to now says it is in 2022. 100 years from when Ford bought it from Leland. Anyway maybe there is another hundredth celebration somewhere you’re talking about? Lynn
  3. I’ve got a friend restoring a 33K a Roadster right now. I’ll check with him to see if he’s aware of the shop manual, he’s pretty up on that type of stuff. I’ll get back with you. Still want to see a photo of that car! L I just checked with him. He knows of nothing. Would love to know if there is one.
  4. I posted this once in under trucks. I thought I’d try here. Back in the 70s I owned this truck partially restored and sold it. Looking for the owner of it now, if anybody knows the whereabouts please let me know. I have historical information about it. Lynn
  5. Hi Berry. The book of instructions (owners manual) is a little difficult to find I would recommend searching eBay, may take months to find. But David Clement in the Lincoln Owners Club has them. They are a little pricey. But it’s a very good book to have. Also through the Lincoln Owners Club there is a set of service manuals that covers from 1931 through 39K and some Zephyr. They are also worth getting. I can’t remember what the price was or who to get them from but that information I believe was in every fork and blade issue. Post some pictures of your Lincoln. We’d love to see it. Lynn
  6. No, I use the material I had laying around here. I’m almost embarrassed to tell you what it is but it works fantastic. I cut a piece of it up threw it in some gasoline for a couple of weeks to see if it would dissolved and it didn’t. It’s actually a roofing material called tiger paw. It’s advertised to last 20 years in the sun by itself. It worked fantastic for the diaphragm. If you want a piece I can send you some. It’s not rocket science it’s just a diaphragm and as long as the gasoline won’t eat it up and it doesn’t leak vacuum and it functions properly. It’ll work. L took me a while to grind a photo of the diaphragm
  7. Matt after you get this engine running (hopefully soon) put a vacuum gauge on the port just below the carburetor On the manifold and see what it is. Then when you install it in the car check it again. You may end up having to go through your brake system. There’s a couple of vacuum diaphragms that can go away in time. One is the adjustment that you have on your steering column there’s a diaphragm in there that can develop a leak and then there is what I call an actuator switch controlled by the brake pedal. When you press the brake on it pulls a rod which allows vacuum to go through your selector switch on the steering column to the brake booster underneath the car. When I got mine somebody had rebuilt the booster but they did not mess with the selector switch on the steering column or the actuator switch off of the brake pedal. Both diaphragms had holes in them. The car still ran well but I was losing vacuum. selector, mounts to steering column bad diaphragm actuator mounts to break linkage
  8. Hi I just noticed this post. I’ve been getting a lot of notifications on another subject and I overlooked it. I think I am good on the wheels I managed to find four and they are on their way. Thank you for responding though. Lynn
  9. Matt there are service manuals for K available through the Lincoln Owners Club starting January 31 and runs through 39 and cover some Zephur. I want to say you can get them through Joe Rogers? Or maybe Jim Griffin? Anyway the info is in the LOC fork and blade Lynn
  10. After you take the rear cover off the differential don’t forget to count the teeth to make sure you have what you think you have as far as a ratio. There are a couple of felt seals like the ones on your front hubs, mine were in good shape I didn’t have to mess with them. But there are also two more felt seals up in the axle housing near differential gears, you can’t see them with the third member in. I didn’t change those either. In order to do that you’d have to remove the third member. So be careful removing and replacing the axle. Lynn
  11. I thought I would run out to the shop pop a hub cap off and take a picture, the screwdriver is pointing to where the ring ends come together. It comes out pretty easy.
  12. Matt it’s been about a year since I took my rear hubs off. But I want to say there’s a snap ring or something that looks like a snap ring that goes around the outside of the hub it comes right off after that the axel will slide out and then you can get to the nuts it is a full floating differential. I usually take a lot of photos unfortunately I only took these two. Hope it helps
  13. Matt if you’re going to drive it those are all wonderful suggestions. They’re easy to do and doesn’t take long.
  14. I’m looking for a couple of nice six lug 18 inch wire wheels for 1932 and 33 master. I’m trying to find some that are “round”. Basically when you spin them they don’t go up and down a lot, I would like to find some within a 1/32 of an inch. Let me know if you have any.Thanks Lynn PS I’m looking for some within a 300 mile radius of 95376 ZIP Code. The cost of shipping this is quite expensive.
  15. Ashley a NAPA store should carry what you looking for, I would ask for “water pump packing” material. It’s a “square” rope type material with graphite impregnated in it. Cut it to length and cut the ends at 45 and make sure they mate together to make a seal. It comes in a lot of different sizes from about 1/8” up.
  16. I agree, I did not put them in mine and it’s fine. I didn’t throw them away, I still have them but so far so good.
  17. Good deal, buy it and don’t leave home without it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/373612171174 if you don’t win the bid, Ray Theriault has a few of them. It’s a fantastic wrench. You need it for both front and rear.
  18. If you make one do not breathe any of the dust from this. Even a small amount will cause major issues. It’s nasty crap. I have three left if you’re interested.
  19. Matt make sure you polarize the generator before you start it.
  20. Matt you’re not reading anything through the coil. You’re reading through the points to ground. Or if the points are open then you’re seeing voltage coming from the coil. If you wanna read what’s going through the coil you’ll have to disconnect it from the distributor.
  21. It’s also going to make a difference if your points are open or closed. If they’re closed you’ll see something close to 6 V if they’re open you’ll probably see something like .046 V That’s just the opposite if your points are open you’ll read 6 V from your switch to ground through your meter if they’re closed you’ll see some millivolts. sorry
  22. Make sure you have the + side of the coil connected to the wire from your switch (6 volts) and the negative side going to the distributor. L
  23. Well if I were a younger man and had a couple of more dollars in my savings account I would love to pull the body off this car and actually go through it and make it a perfect car. But it’s only had a cosmetic restoration over the years. It still looks extremely nice but not so nice you can enjoy driving it. However I would love to put it on the green at Pebble Beach even as a display car. 😁
  24. I finally got around to adding a few more details to the 1935 engine. I have been collecting champion spark plugs for quite some time and I managed to get enough champion 7 plugs. So I thought I would change them out. I think it looks much better than a brand new spark plug from Napa.
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