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  1. Hello. I just decided to collect Motor Vehicle postal stamps. I found a new auction https://oldlouis.com/ with a low prices. Has anyone bought there any stamps? Do you know any information about this web-site? As well, please give your feedback concerning these stamps 1946-47, Finland https://oldlouis.com/lot/244721/ and 1960, USSR, Soviet Automobile Industry https://oldlouis.com/lot/237883/ . Should I buy them. Please provide your feedback. thank you.
  2. Excellent work. Congratulations. Good luck with future steps.
  3. Unfortunately, I am not there. Can you post some photos from the car show? This year, the list of participants is really interesting.
  4. where is possible to read the full article? Thank you in advance.
  5. I noticed the same. People are so elegant there, it looks like really special event for all of them.
  6. Nice car and probable excellent feelings to drive it. What was your average speed during your trip?
  7. Thank you for uploading this video. I will never rebuild my engine but it was interesting to see everything from the inside.
  8. Did you finally resolve the situation? If not please tell the name of the store and its location.
  9. It look like this grill is from Essex Terraplane (1932)
  10. Nice truck and competitive price for it. Good luck with your sale.
  11. Really nice place to store these amazing cars.
  12. Nice work! So, did you finally finished this project?
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