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  1. Twenty-five years ago my mom bought my dad a "project car" and had it trucked in from a nearby rural area. Dad really didn't want a project, so it has been sitting next to the house mostly covered by a tarp. Now dad is in his 80's and fighting cancer and wants to find a "deserving home" for his "project car" before he passes. So, it falls to me to find it a good home and to do this I need to figure a fair price to ask. Unfortunately I am about clueless on how much a 1951 Olds Sedan is worth. At least that is what I have been told it is. I have also been told that all the original parts are here. Seems mom bought it from a guy who was interested in restoring it and failed to so within his wife's time-frame. I will post some general pictures and would be most grateful with any assistance in determining a value. I realize that setting a value is tricky, somewhere between $500 and $10K is a reasonable range, depending on how much someone wants to pay for it. That is where I am hoping your experience will come in. Much Thanks.