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  1. I bought a bunch and only needed few. This are I believe (NOS). They are 2.5” open all the way. Pm me $20 shipped
  2. I was thinking that but not sure if the welding would be good for radiator pressure πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ but I guess I could give them I try.
  3. Not sure what it called. I’m looking for this steel hose for my 35 Buick that connect to the coolant. Is the connection for the heater. Here is some pics of want I’m looking for. If any could help fabricated it would greatly appreciated. Pm if you could. Is 11” long with the 90 degree bent. The small outlet is 3/4 OD and 1 1/2 long and the pipe it self is 1 1/2 OD and 11” long. I don’t have does tools to make one. Thanks Luis
  4. Looking to buy 6 correct style clamps for the radiator hose. 1935 Buick. I have bought a few and lost but I need it for a 2” OD hose with a 1 1/2” ID. Thanks Luis
  5. i just found on this site. I'm looking for some hose clamps for my 35 Buick. https://dcmclassics.com/cooling-system/89-c-195-1-12-hose-clamp.html
  6. yeas is only the base. you have a picture of your 35 Buick?
  7. (34-35 Trunk Latch) for trunk latch like this one. I found it at bobsautomobilia but looking original latch Thanks Luis
  8. it is one the best I've got my car up and running before from this forum. I learned a lot from this forum about my car. you gave lots of in formation. I do have a service manual I've used it to fix some electrical issues and mechanical. I found a decent radiator on ebay but the seller won't ship and looks little over my budget. oh and my head lights are multi beam and about 8" they work just have to fix the ground again.
  9. Do you the name of the shop? i live only 2 hr away not to far. i could drive up there with my radiator and see what can they do. thanks for the reply. Im so anxious to ket her running right. I've being trying to fix my over heating problem and this is my last thing to do. Also send my pics of that radiator you have? thanks much appreciate