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    Headlight behavior

    Nice price. Every "used" Reatta is going to need certain parts/upgrades shy of +30 years old, and the "Headlight Kit" is surely one!
  2. 89RedDarkGrey

    Power enhancement ideas

    "One man's trash- is another man's treasure". Just about anything can be salvaged nowdays. Muggyweld makes incredible repairs. Check out their YT videos. Amazing stuff.
  3. 89RedDarkGrey

    1990 Headlight Switch Repair Tutorial --

    Ok- could someone definitely say, how much of this pertains to '88-'89 headlight switches? Details of differences, please? Also- whenever I've had to disassemble something that was spring-loaded, and/or had small parts- I always found it helpful to either take it apart inside a plastic shopping bag, or wrap a towel around it to contain the granade
  4. 89RedDarkGrey

    Dual exhaust question & navigation help please

    Yes, same where I live, exactly.
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    Power enhancement ideas

    Well? What'd you get?
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    Seat covers - 1990

  7. 89RedDarkGrey

    Power enhancement ideas

    Misleading clickbait. No SC here.
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    Power enhancement ideas

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    What's your favorite Reatta advertisement?

    If you read it right- is the "tomorrow" supposed to represent what your Buick will become- a bunch of parts on the floor? Maybe someone else saw this flub, and that's why it was in the dumpster?
  10. 89RedDarkGrey

    Power enhancement ideas

    Different Timing Cover, bore your own CMP hole, or just use an electric water pump, and remove the OEM. Remote electric oil pump & filter. Delete AC compressor. Get a plain PS pump like a Honda, with remote reservoir. With DIY brackets, bushings & bolts- you've got many possibilities.
  11. 89RedDarkGrey

    Power enhancement ideas

    2seater needs a "line drawing with dimensions" and that's what I found. If it's useless to him- he can say, then I'll delete it. I'm sorry I couldn't find a diagram labeled "Paxton Supercharger to Buick Reatta installation".
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    Power enhancement ideas

  13. 89RedDarkGrey

    Power enhancement ideas

    Good photos here Good photos here, too!
  14. 89RedDarkGrey

    Headlight wiring upgrade.

    It's virtually PnP. (if you have the harness I'm referring to) Personally- I am not attaching directly to the battery, via some ugly connector. The correct junction boxes are easily accessible.
  15. 89RedDarkGrey

    Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    Like the "Pinstripe delete" option- was it also an option for colored moldings? Bumper rub strips? Mirrors?
  16. What is the intake plenum on an '89 LN3 composed of? Cast aluminum? I ask this because years ago- the front of the engine developed a coolant leak. It turned out to be the flattened & hard O-ring of the metal pipe, that goes into the timing cover. After replacing both O-rings, the other being on the metal tube to plenum, with a paper thin white metal tab and 1 bolt to hold it in- and seeing what a flimsy design the prone-to-rotting tubing is, I want to tap threads in the timing cover when it's off soon (for new parts) and plenum for barbed brass nozzles, and use hoses to the heater core. There is already one in the plenum now- why couldn't they simply use 2 more? It's easy to stuff an oily rag in the plenum hole when drilling & tapping. When finished- slowly pull out the rag. Does this sound doable?
  17. 89RedDarkGrey

    Headlight wiring upgrade.

    I really like your choice of end receptacle over the ones in THIS kit, however- the kit eliminates searching for wiring, terminals, heat shrink, split convoluted loom, etc. Your 45* plugs will fit way easier, without a worry of interference or shorts. I think a mixture of the two kits is nice. There's plenty of room for the two relays. I've read the included relays can be troublesome- so have extras on hand.
  18. 89RedDarkGrey

    Question about 1989 Reatta dash

    The "actual" color is Teal, a bluish green.
  19. 89RedDarkGrey

    Question about 1989 Reatta dash

    I have already done nearly the same as DAVES89 has, I connected individual led (series) to the 12VDC of the console inverter. The slider works to dim the led. I also plan to install an orange led to the shifter, as to indicate the gear. All of this is under, and shaded by- the PRNDDL2L1 plastic sheet. I am also changing the blue led to green to match the other scheme.
  20. 89RedDarkGrey

    Question about 1989 Reatta dash

    Is this suitable, to simply mimic what's already there? Inverters, too. My '89 shift indicator is getting a relamp with something similar soon. My switches work fine- although not as bright as I'd prefer, so I'll probably be doing them too. I had them all apart to clean, and the EL looks simple. http://www.kr4.us/el-tape-bluegreen-1m.html?source=cashback
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    I've been upgrading my Reatta.

    http://reattaowner.com/roj/repair-information/repair-tutorials-a-information/category/71-headlights-electrical http://reattaowner.com/roj/repair-information/repair-tutorials-a-information/category/63-headlights
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    Is it actually the tranny?

    Upgrade to THIS
  23. 89RedDarkGrey

    Rear Turn Signal- Color Preference?

    I think installing turn signals on the side of the front fenders like modern cars have is a great idea, and of course- LED. There are many brands and shape/types to choose from- this is what I'm thinking about, to put on my Reatta- As for the rear- years ago, when I was restoring my tail light module- I seriously thought about removing a portion of the red lens, and splice in amber sections, 1 for each side (you can buy them online now, as "fog light covers") maybe 1 bulb each, before the outer 194 marker bulb? Run the turn signal wires- and viola. I just really miss amber turn signals in the rear, and they're much more visible, too. 1 amber blinking LED bulb would be plenty to get attention, or just use an OEM 1156 bulb. So- when the brake is applied- you'd still have the normal amount of red, but you'd be minus 2 "tail" lights, near the edges. Your comments would be appreciated. Thank you.
  24. 89RedDarkGrey

    90 transmission

    That happens a LOT. A LOT. They either give up, ruin something, have it repaired- or find out the repairs "exceed the worth of the vehicle" and get rid of it. Kind of disappointing, actually.
  25. 89RedDarkGrey

    Spare Teves and CRT

    Worth some bucks, but I'd keep it- "just in case". Those parts (if working) are getting kinda scarce... I can personally vouch for this Man. Best $ I ever spent. Restored with modern components, better than new. Eddie Voland repairs '88-89 CRTs. Contact him for current prices to get your CRT repaired. eddievoland@yahoo.com (443) 536-9591 (MD)