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  1. Is there any other info that would help sell this car? Thanks!
  2. Are you near Milwaukee? Come stop by and see the car- June 16th 2016! Then make an offer! I would like to add that the soft-top is available as well and I believe is in excellent condition. Thanks!
  3. 1989 Chrysler TC Maserati Convertible! 5 cylinder turbo, manual, with only 29,727 miles! The interior is in fantastic condition! Supple soft leather interior- just what the Maserati promised and delivered for these cars. The exterior needs a detailing which I am trying to get done soon. The car started a a few months ago but died. Did not restart and haven't tried since. Could just be a battery. Stored in a garage for the past few years. On/off in garage or tarp previously.Single owner, clean title. I am selling for my Father inlaw, but you can speak to him with any specific questions, etc.Co
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