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  1. Raul, you should try Century Motors in Philadelphia, 215-726-0307. They have a 49 Roadmaster "4-door" parts car. They shipped some parts to me for very reasonable prices.
  2. I found a damaged and poorly repaired hood latch on my 49 and need a replacement. "Lucky" for me, the latch is unique to 1949, and only 50 & 70 series. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mike Burgess
  3. Wonderful car. I just hauled my Roadie Rivie home today.
  4. This is my favorite because I just brought her home... today. 1949 Roadmaster Riviera..
  5. I certainly plan on driving the car. I need to give it a good "once over" before doing so, but I will drive it
  6. Hi. My name is Mike. I blame my dad for my Buick addiction. Today I bought my personal dream car. Not the same make & model. The actual car: 1949 Buick Roadmaster Riviera. Ok, now for the back story. Buckle up folks, this is going to be a ride. In 1976, my father's good friend Bob asked if my Dad and Mom wanted to take a trip to Minnesota to check out a car and help him get it home if he bought it. Well, Bob bought the car and my Dad & Mom drove the car back from Minnesota to Michigan. Not long after returning from the trip, my Mom found out she was pregnant with me. T
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