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  1. Does anyone know how to remove the front wheel hub? My front passenger wheel doesn't spin and I need to remove it to clean it out. Are there bolts behind it? My service manual hasnt come in yet so I can't check. Thanks
  2. Thanks Gary I believe I saw that and wasn't sure what it's for
  3. Thanks for all your input everyone, I appreciate it. I took the gas tank off and there appears to be tar in the fuel lines...what could that be? How do I drain the engine block? I took off the radiator and there was no coolant in it whatsoever so Im assuming some leaked out and some may still be in the engine. Thanks again
  4. I have a few questions. I picked up a 1952 chieftain 8 cylinders and I know the car ran and had a tune up about 2000 miles before it was abandoned. It is still in fairly decent shape for being left in a field for almost 40 years. Anyway, I took out the dipstick and noticed that the oil has some gunk in it, a little yellowish and thick, either it's really old or maybe a little bit or rain water got in, but it's still oily. Since the car doesnt start or run, what's the best way to clean out the engine? I really don't want to take it completely apart unless I absolutely have to. Would opening the
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