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  1. The sign did change at least a couple times. I recall a very large one just South of the airport. I'll search for a picture.
  2. Bill, I really enjoyed reading your post. It reminds me of how lucky I am to have grown up in Flint with all of its rich history. While the vast majority of our state is ready to throw in the towel on Flint I love the city and know it will rebound in the years to come. I became a history buff not too many years back when I began researching my family. All lines of my family were deeply involved in the early automobile industry with some starting as early as the Patterson carriage factory on through the days it converted to horseless. My uncle was Vice President of General Motors in its infancy (and Cheverolet) and was right hand man to Billy Durant. One grandfather was established as one of Buicks executives and another two grandfathers came from Sweden to work in "The Hole" at the Cheverolet factory. One participating in the sit down strike. I've been blessed with all of the family belongings which include hundreds and hundreds of old photographs showing what it was like to live in Flint during the late 1800's through the early 20's. And with these I am hooked on Flint forever. Because of my fascination I now have a Durant Coupe to help connect me to my history. I'm a green horn with little experience with vintage cars but I'm learning. Each time I get under that car of lift the hood I think of all those who worked on it to put it together back in the day. What I would do to have one of them around to help me figure out how to repair the darn thing every time something goes wrong with it. We have another event coming up in Flint this September called " Golden Memories". In no way shape or form is this close to Back to the Bricks but it's one that I'm more comfortable attending with the Durant. Smaller and more personal. I'm anxious to display "Mona Lisa" (my Durant) right at the entrance to the Sloan. And before returning home with her I hope to get a Proffesional photographer to get a few pictures of her displayed in front of the Durant Hotel. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time here and on your next visit keep me in mind. I think a Riviera and a Durant would look pretty snazzy cruising together through town. Well, if you can handle driving your Riviera 35 MPH??? best, Brian
  3. Any issues? Original motor? Looks like it wants you to take it to the trek.
  4. Thanks Tom and those who sent to me privately. I agree and will do a complete run through of the system and will send out to have the rebuilds.
  5. Have a '28 12A that has been off the road for maybe 6 years or so. Drove out of the garage and had a stiff brake pedal and when applied the car slows and stopped its roll but little brake was there. Further inspection after removing the floorboard is that when I push the brake pedal I get a micro fraction of an inch movement of the pedal and the master cylinder armature. Appears to be locked up. A peak under the MC cap shows rust colored fluid. Is this a clear sign of an overhaul or might I have a chance at driving this car yet this summer? Hoping someone might reply with " ah just wrap the conutant bearing with a flabinoid hammer" or something positive...
  6. Scott, do you know what differences there are between your motor and a '28 series 12A ?
  7. The lack of response makes me think not many have the same issue as I or it was a dumb question. In case it is not a dumb question I thought I would share what I learned at the Franklin gathering yesterday. Just in case someone else comes across this with the same situation. A seasoned Franklin owner took the time to raise his cowl and explain it to me. He cut the old oil filter canister just below the top and right where the cut is hidden behind the bracket. He removed the filter material and plumbed in an adaptor which can be purchased on EBay. This adaptor allows a typical automotive screw on oil filter to be connected. All of this is hidden inside the original canister to keep the appearance of originality. He mentioned he has seen it done similar by cutting the bottom of the canister and plumbing the adapter even lower. Again, hiding the modification inside the original canister. One step closer to getting Ole Red fired up. A big thanks to the gentleman who took time to share this with me.... Thank you Bill Eby
  8. Thanks Steve. I did in fact reach him by phone and received just what I needed. Got to thank him in person at the Gilmore "Air Cooled" event yesterday.
  9. RansonEli. That's excellent news. What luck. I would recommend a very very big keychain however. It sounds like you lose as many keys as I do. ? Lock smithing is beginning to become a lost art. The big box stores have vending machines that cut keys now. Sounds like you found someone with years of experience. Hold on to that number.
  10. Yep. Why didn't I think of that...... Thanks for the bonk on the head..
  11. Does anyone have an email for Jeff?
  12. Newbie question. My '28 Franklin has the original Puralator oil canister on the firewall. What is the best recommendation for an oil filter system? Can the Puralator be cleaned thoroughly and continued as the filter system or should I replace with another option? I have had the car for three weeks now and have yet to start it. I want to be certain I used the recommended oil, filter and any prelubrication suggested. Going through the original service manual I see soaking the valve pads every 500 miles.
  13. Great! Thanks for the information. It puzzled me because I had not come across one on any other cars I have been looking at. It will get a good cleaning and return to the fire wall with a fresh load of Mystery Oil.