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  1. Real photo postcard on ebay; Inscription on back says owner wanted to get $450 for what he called an "American Beauty" Plate is Maine first issue 1324, which I think was issued in early 1907. There weren't many cars in Eastport back then.
  2. These have a late 30's look, maybe 37 Ford or Desoto? Your help is much appreciated.
  3. These have Ford markings on the back, and I seem to recall them on late 50's or early 60's Fords. Anyone out there know the model and year?
  4. I have used phosphoric acid, with good results on old license plates that are too fragile for sandblasting or Hydrochloric or Sulfuric acids. It works well because it is a tri - protic acid (see Wikipedia). It is the stuff in coca Cola that makes Coke a rust remover. Phosphoric acid solutuion can be bought at farm supply stores, as it is used to clean out milk lines in dairy farms. Does anybody know where to buy anhydrous (solid) phosphoric acid. it would be a lot cheaper than the farm supply store solution. It is non toxic, but I would not try ingesting
  5. Here's a very solid 1936 Terrorplane on US Route 1 in Edgecomb, Maine. Body seems very straight and solid, but I didn't crawl under it to look closer. Tourist season is ending, so the price probably is flexible. Nice car to restore or to rod. Rear roll pan is unbolted from body. 2nd picture has phone number of seller
  6. Jack, Try posting some pics of the parts car. This might make it doable for someone who wants a winter project. It will be a lot of work, but for the right person, it will put another 48 convertible back on the road.
  7. Thanks for the information. I'll de-crud it this weekend, and see what it the markings are on it.
  8. Thanks, guys. There were a few other Model A parts at the auction, but some 1930's Mopar and GM stuff also.
  9. My grandfather (1890 - 1972) had a similar sized brass tube that screwed together, and he carried his hunting or fishing license (depending on season) in it for about 50 years. As said above, registrations and drivers license back then would also fit in a tube like this. My grandfather never carried a wallet except for serious shopping trips.
  10. Also from auction, two Ford-marked flathead heads with same numbers, I suspect are from same side? Please advise as to that years, and which side.
  11. I found this tranny in the Maine woods. Beer can added to show scale. I would never litter the woods. It has long floor shift. and still is attached to about half of an open drive shaft. Please help with ID of this.
  12. I have 1930s Mopars, but got this tranny at an auction this spring. It isn't a Mopar, I know. Please help with ID of this.
  13. I have 1930s Mopars, but got this tranny at an auction this spring. It isn't a Mopar, I know. It has a floor shift. Please help with ID of this.
  14. Thanks for your help. guys. I'll keep it in the misc. parts box for possible re-use on a snow blower or garden tractor.
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