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  1. Hi Guys, i have 1933 Chrysler CO engine in my 1931 Dodge. Has anyone a good recource for a water pump repair kit. With google or ebay i found nothing. Oliver
  2. Thank you guys. The chrome is connected to the radiator upper part, maybe i can bend something after loosing the screws. It's same as always: you start a small thing (thermostat housing leaking) and ends up in a semi restoration! 😉
  3. Ahh, ok, that is exactly what i wanted to know! Thanks a lot. Something is wrong at my konfiguration, it doesn't look like i could lift up the radiator, there is no space above. I will remove the whole radiator and try to find out whats wrong. Water pump is out at this moment so its mor easy as later. Maybe i will let renew the radiator as its winter break. Oliver
  4. No, keiser31, i have only the one on the photo. You showed me the pics some time ago but i try to find out im my situation is alright. If the original one is also that flat it woudlnt fit either. I dont need the expensive one with symbol on it, but want just the radiator beeng closed Is your radiator neck at the same height as the chrome top? Oliver
  5. Hi Dodge guys, my cap is not the original one, thats clear. But all caps i found in the web were similar. The problem is, the water neck is a bit below the chrome part wich cannot be changed, there is no space to lift the radiator above. So the gasket of my cap is on the same height as the chrome and does not close the radiator. I know, its an open system but would you leave it as is? thanks for suggestions Oliver
  6. WOW!! -i found that site but only saw 'VIN lookup' so i did not try my engine number! Thank you so much!! Oliver
  7. Yes, but i always read 'C' for Chrysler, what is the 'O' ? and how can i find out about built year and size?
  8. As many others i have some difficulties to find out wich engine i have exactly. The car is a 1931 Dodge DH but engine may be swaped, because my spark plug threads are 14mm and nor 18mm as the should be. So i have no idea wich spark plugs i need. So its important for parts i may order somewhere to know about my engine. Also how much cubic inch it has and built year. Is it possible to read that from the different numbers on the block? On the head is 'Silver Dome' -no ext. cooling bypass Oliver
  9. Thank you guys, i will look for it but $165 is pretty much 😞 I suggest, mine is from a model A, the chrome scratches on the outer chrome part of the radiator and the gasket is not touching the radiator neck below. Actual it just prevents little animals falling into the radiator! 😉 My outer door handles are quite loose, problably may model A fit? No parts are urgent but i want to have the most important gaskets as oil pan and so on here. If i need it, i can repair at once. Oliver Here your picture, keiser31:
  10. Though its an old topic, for me its actual. Since a few days i own an 1931 Dodge SIX DH and my cap seems to be false. I do not need the expensive original one but where can i get a correct fitting one? A model a type won't fit? Wich one will fit? Oliver I even may need other parts, myers early parts seem to have only older model parts.
  11. Sorry, but Boos & Herrel have it! Already ordered it and waiting now for delivery.
  12. Ok, B&H have it, so i will order it and the cap too. As i remember last time, i did't change the cap. I could seal the opening with silicon so no oil will drain in. I will report...
  13. Hi Ken, ah, i forgot to tell: also new -but while writing i remember the rubber material also seemd to a bit weak to me. Are there different reproductions availlable? Or any known modification?
  14. Thank you, Ken, but this fits ok. The spring is absolutely fixed in the crossmember wich is beeing hold from the two rubber insulators. I suggest, the rubber parts (renewed from boos & herrel) are a bit too weak, so its moving too much. Are there stronger ones availlable? Other way could be to mount some thick, strong rubber between the moving crossmember and the upper, fixed one.