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  1. Thanks MCHinson. I took a look at the website for the Hornets Nest AACA region, but it looks like under 'Activities' it just says 2016 Activities coming soon. Other than the AutoFair (which looks to be a very, very large event) do you know if there are smaller shows or events for the Hornets Nest region of AACA? Thanks!
  2. Thanks Rusty! Craigslist was the first place I went to, but was quickly overloaded with all the possibilities. This gives me a bit of a better idea on what to look for in the cars. Things can definitely be snaky down here, so I appreciate the word to stay in the 'burbs.
  3. Thanks! I live in the rural area south of Charlotte, NC. How do you hear about the random cars in your area? Craigslist?
  4. Thanks Rusty! This was really great advice - pretty much exactly what I needed to hear. Generally speaking, when folks talk about local car ads, my mind goes straight to craigslist. But i'd imagine the folks that are selling these cars probably are thinking 'newspaper' moreso. Is there a 'best' place to regularly check for ads for this kind of car? Thanks again! EDIT: content.
  5. I live in the rural area just south of Charlotte, NC. Thanks Todd! Just to make sure I understand correctly, if there's any rust on the body, wait for the next one - correct? I've never done any work on eliminating rust, so I have almost no idea of how much of an undertaking it is. I didn't even think of station wagons; that would be great, thanks Padgett! Good to note! Thanks for the heads-up on the 4-6-8 - I had no idea they even tried that sort of variable timing back then.
  6. Thanks John348 - It'll be mostly a toy - I plan to get a commuter car for most transportation, but it would be nice to drive the toy to work once a week. And ideally a toy that doesn't leave me stranded at work on a Friday...i spend enough time there anyway.
  7. Thanks Frantz! Just googled the '54 Customline - it looks great! Do you mind me asking how many miles it has and about how much you paid for it? (not sure if it's acceptable to ask that :/ ) What guide do people typically use to asses the value of a car like this? NADA, Hagerty, etc? Thanks agian.
  8. Thanks GPFarrel! That's a great recommendation; I certainly don't mind feeding it, because as you mentioned it will only be for occasional driving. What kind of mileage would you consider 'low mileage' for a car like this on the odometer? Thanks again for the advice! Thanks Helfen! I should have mentioned the cars I listed were really just based on the aesthetics; i don't expect to be able to find one of those in my price range in great condition. I didn't even think about unleaded! What kind of fuel do owners of pre-1975 cars need to use? Thanks for the hel
  9. Thanks! I really like that idea. After reading it I checked some out on car trader and the prices definitely seem doable. This might be a more general question, but is there any rule of thumb on how many miles are too many? Is there a cap I should be looking at? Or does having the engine/transmission rebuilt completely nullify how many miles are on the car? Thanks for the recommendation. I just took a look, and I think you're right - they'd be had to drive in my part of the country. I'll likely need to do a little bit of highway driving, these don't seem too well suited th
  10. Hi all, I've been giving more and more thought lately to the notion of getting an older car. (i'm not sure when the words antique and/or classic apply, so I'll just use older). My big problem right now is i'm not sure where to start. I'm 28 years old, so I don't have a wealth of knowledge of the different types of cars available throughout history. I owned a 92 Plymouth Voyager once, that's the oldest thing i've owned; and yes, I got it from my mom. Fortunately, I have a pretty good idea of what i'm looking for in a car, and I'm hoping the community here could help gu
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