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  1. Thank you all for your insight so far. This has been a lot of help. The car runs, and drives fine, needs some TLC. Only a couple spots are rusted through (passenger door, rear bumper) that need to be fabbed. Paint. Polish and rechrome $$$. All new interior $$$$ (minus the dash). And a new passenger side floor pan (not sure if they others need to be replaced yet or not).
  2. All, I recently acquired a 1950 Pontiac. I am looking for some insight on what model it is and what is out there for restoration. It is my girlfriends grandfathers car and would be incredible to restore it as original as possible. Also my own grandfather was a mechanic and classic car fanatic which would be nice to see his face knowing his grandson restored a classic car. Attached are some pictures. What I know- 1950 Pontiac, 6 cylinder. Best of my knowledge- either a Chieftain or Streamliner (I believe it is a Streamliner), base, Bershire green exterior, grey two tone interior. The questions I have are- where can I find new floor pans? Are there new bumpers available or is it best to fabricate the originals and have them re-chromed? Are there any parts out there available for these vehicles? And if so where?