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  1. The good news: the engine of the 'ol lady is humming and running! On October 6th she's going for the inspection institute and when she finally gets her official papers, she'll be on the road again. :-) As far as we know now the model is from 1930. That explains the huge headlamps. The attached picture sows the original Chevrolet Superior, once belonged by the grandfather of the previous owner -Johnny Jonker- of the Chevy truck wich is now ours. His grandfather started a transport company in 1927 and this was his first truck. Grandpa Jonker bought a custom four wheeler, 1.5 ton. But he asked the local dealer to make it a six wheeler, so the truck could carry a 3 ton weight. He than had the heaviest truck in the wide wide neighbourhood! The original Superior has been demolished ages ago but the grandson bought the 'new' truck in 1986. Take a good look and you see two ornaments at both sides of the front window. Does anyone know the meaning of these ornaments? :-) Fred
  2. Thanks! So you're almost sure it's a National. However NOT a Superior. Maybe the chassis number will give us the decisive answer. :-)
  3. Hi Al, Then how can I recognize what's specifically a Superior? :-) Fred
  4. Hi Al, That's just what I trie to find out. There's not a single document left with the car. I will ask for the breaks. Fred
  5. Hi! We finally found the number of the chassis of the Chevrolet Superior. It's 12937739. Is there any way to find out some things about the Chevrolet by this number? A register or something… We would like to know exactly when she was build, where she was assembled, that kind of things. Any suggestions?
  6. Thank you both! This is great. I'll translate it for our technician, who only speaks Dutch and show him the pictures. He'll know what to do. Thanks again!
  7. Hi! We are the lucky owners of a Chevrolet Superior, bought in december 2015. The car is in a fine condition, but it had been left in a shed for about ten years by the previous owner. The motor is not yet running; some parts are missing. We cannot get one part quite clear. Attached you'll find a picture. A bit of a puzzle: what part is actually missing? Can someone tell us what part is supposed to be there? To make the picture a bit more clear. It's a Chevrolet Superior 1928, engine number CPXL654. Regards, Fred Ootjers and Miriam Nooi The Netherlands Missing Chevy part.pdf