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  1. Hello folks. So I am tackling my first real problem with my new toy. The passenger side front wheel was making noise and started to wobble like crazy. Pulled of the wheel and hub to discover the bearings pretty much destroyed themselves. The inner bearing race is free-spinning, but is currently sitting on the spindle and will need either forcing or cutting off. The outer bearing is stuck solid on the spindle, not budging at all. Looks more and more like a replacement spindle is in order, since the spindle has some scuffing and rough surfaces. I am having a doozy of a time finding a drum brake spindle for the passenger side (RH). Are there any part numbers or model comparable that I can purchase for my 66' Gal?
  2. Never knew about the warranty of fitness. That's very interesting...
  3. Just picked up a great car, a 66 Galaxie 500 in pretty good shape. It had been in storage for the past 3 years. Starts right up, totally drivable. But it needs some sorting out. Since its newly acquired by me, I need to a thorough inventory and check of the car, which I am totally excited and absolutely looking forward to do. I love this discovery phase (even though you might find some not so great things). I'll be making wish lists and creating a budget of things based on priority and performance. While I feel confident I will capture much of what I need to know, it never hurts to get experienced feedback and insight, especially if it is make and model specific. So here are the specs: 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible 351W (1970), Was a 390 (don't judge!), not a 7-Litre (I wish!) 4-Barrel Carter Carb Air Conditioning Dual Exhaust with old glass packs Stock headers Power Steering Single reservoir brake system (gotta go!) 4-wheel drums (yuck) This is what I know without a full inventory. My wife thinks it strange that I am dying to give her (the car, not the wife) an examination. I wanted to take the whole damn week off to play with my new toy! I'm having a hard time concentrating on anything else, LOL! Ok esteemed auto gurus, I await your wisdom ?.
  4. On a side note, those pinstriped flames on the hood has definitely GOT TO GO ???.
  5. What wise and encouraging worlds Bernie! I could not have said it any better ?.
  6. Hello everybody! I just wanted to thank everyone for imparting their years of wisdom and helping me through this process. So I made a decision and bought the... 1966 Galaxie 500! I know, what a twist, right? Let me explain... I was on track to purchase the Buick. I took everyone's advise and decided to take a second look at the vehicle and give it an extensive test drive. It's true. You really start to see all the flaws the second time around. I insisted on testing the top make sure the convertible motor was functional. The owner took the top down, but had a problem putting it back up. The frame was also not lining up to re-latch. Perhaps it had to do with the tearing top, but the frame looked bent to me. After finally wrestling it on, we took a test drive. The car had been running when I arrived at his shop. But when we went ahead to re-start it again, it wouldn't start. It took about 10 solid attempts to get it started. He chocked it up to a flooded carb, but I don't think so. For a recently rebuilt motor, it certainly did not run like it. The radio didn't work, not all the dash gauges were working, the interior lights were not working either. Also, the interior was far rougher looking out in bright the sunlight. But the real humdinger was the paint. Upon closer inspection in the light, those paint bubbles looked like a poor paint job with what seemed like rust trying to come through. The only area where it didn't bubble was the hood and the deck lid. On the test drive, the brakes were weak, especially for front discs. But that could be remedied. Steering was very loose and the suspension was very spongy with a bit of play, especially for a vehicle that had the entire front-end redone. The car had zero torque and was just sluggish. When we got back to his shop and talked more about closing the deal, even more details came to light. The car was not purchased in New Mexico, but Mexico! Honest mistake??? The previous owner of the vehicle (his landlord) just happened to be arriving in town the next day from Brazil and was trying to make it to the credit union to close the deal by way of the gentleman I had been dealing with. So I flat out asked him to explain to me who actually owns the damn car. He noted that it was his landlord who was selling it and would give a cut of the sale to the gentlemen I was buying it from. At this point, I was already walking away from this train-wreck of a deal. Everything felt wrong about this and my Spidey sense was telling me to flee. So I did just that. I thanked him for his time and called the deal off. And in the back of my mind, I was constantly getting a gut-wrenching thought that the Galaxie was already gone because I wasted my time with this joker's Buick. I called up Rick (the owner) and he noted that the car was actually still there, waiting for me at $2500 of the original price at an even 10K. At that moment, I was so relieved to hear that the car was still there. I wrestled with the thought of continuing to shop around for that special something, and all the while, my stomach was getting knots with the idea that someone would get that car. While my family and I went to dinner, I was certain that I wanted that car more than anything else. I made the call and the next day, she was mine. It was a smooth transaction that felt right. Rick's whole family came to the credit union to close the deal. I then went to their house with my daughter to get the car towed to my house. I wanted to give the car a full tune-up and safety check before a made a 50-mile drive home with a car that had been in storage for a 3 years. As my daughter was playing with Rick's daughters, he gave me any and all details I may have wanted to know about the car. He was a good, honest-to-God car guy. The car started right up with no problems. Even the damn air and radio worked. The interior is in pretty nice shape, just needs detailing. The brakes need upgrading, which I will do. I will want to upgrade the seat belts. Even though the engine is not original, it runs really well and I am very familiar with the 351W and the torque was plenty. Later that night and the next day, I just stood back and admire the car, and everything felt right in the world again. And although I was ready to make the move to Buick or any GM for that matter, deep down I felt really great about having another Ford .
  7. It seems like the case with this Buick. I'm not comfortable walking away from it. $7000 seems like a steal and part of me is excited to learn about an all new platform. My wife gets the convertible she wants and I get some reliable classic goodness. The only thing I have seen that made my heart race was a posting for a 67 Mustang Coupe S-Code 390 for about 15K and a 72 Cougar XR-7 for 7K. Of course both are coupes and I know my wife would be sad, and she is more important to me than any car (though the car is a close 2nd). I have a little soul searching to do! Thanks for the great wisdom. I was on your site last night browsing through those beautiful cars and I saw that 71 Skylark convertible. Now that made my mouth water. The 70-71 body style is just beautiful, though they are a little out of my range it seems. I do like the 68-69 body style though...
  8. UPDATE: So, I decided to go with the Buick. Spoke to the owner and discussed priced. After mentioning all the issues with the vehicle and the likely cost, I was able to work the price down to $7000. Sounds like a win right? Not so fast... So I discuss the process I am going through. I am getting some financing from my credit union, so there is obviously an approval process. He then mentions that the title is not in his name, but the person he bought it from (his landlord). He never transferred the title because he had intended to sell it, but held onto it for a while, not wanting to incur transfer costs. The car is also currently registered in his landlord's name as well. I'm not exactly sure what the arrangement is, but my gut is not at ease at all. WTH??? I'd like to think that all this guy is being above board and means every word. The altruist in me would love to think that everyone more often in not had good intention and that all this has a really logical explanation, but this has fishy written all over it and I need to look at it objectively. He owns a mechanic shop down the street from where the car is currently stored. He noted that he did the engine rebuild himself, so in other words, I really have no way of knowing if the engine was indeed rebuilt except by his words. Unless I'm missing something logical here, sounds like this one's too risky. I sometimes wonder if going with a dealership is just safer, albeit way more money and a little out of my range. I wonder if I should just sit on my hands and just hope the right car and deal comes along. It always seems like a great deal will slip away if I don't act timely enough. Could be impatience perhaps, but this ache to tool and cruise in a classic is getting harder to ignore. I think my wife is getting annoyed with my whole process, lol. I know she is looking forward to a convertible too, not the work it takes to get the right car. I get the disappointed look when I mention a coupe now. Please let me know what you think. I think I just need some encouragement and wisdom right about now. I think I will repost this as a separate post...
  9. I really appreciate all the wisdom bestowed. This is an awesome classic car forum ?
  10. That's why I am appealing to the forum. I don't want to fall in love so damn hard and make a punch-drunk decision. Done that before. Talk about doing everything wrong. My first car was a '66 Mustang that I bought in the dark without even test driving it or even looking under the hood. At $1100 in 1999, the price alone should have gave it away. But, boy did the bug bite me hard!
  11. Now that is sound advice! I almost choked on my water when I read this, LOL!
  12. Wow! The overwhelming vote for the Buick speaks for itself. I really appreciate the candid observations. It gives me a lot to chew and give me information to discuss better pricing. BAsed on an asking price of $9000, with all things considered, what's a fair price to start at???
  13. Hello fellow car lovers! I am having a personal crisis deciding which way to go. I love the styling and features of both of these vehicles. That being said, they stand apart night and day in regards to pros and cons. I really like them both. The responses I have received regarding a potential switch to Buick after being a long-time Ford guy have been nothing short of encouraging and diverse. The community really reached out to this newbie and I am loving the forum. I am just trying to review the information in front of me to make an informed decision. So here's the match up: 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 Covertible 1970 351W Engine (Non-Original Engine-Original a FE390) Straight body, no rust issues Bench Seats (good or bad I guess), minor interiors issues (armrest pads and minor dash imperfections) Good: Air Conditioning (needs a recharge), power top works, interior is good, convertible top is fairly new, no water getting inside (it was storming that day!) Bad: Compressor or water pump occasionally making noise (couldn't pinpoint), column shifter is loose, needs to pull up to start vehicle, clock is busted, only power steering (manual windows and brakes), all-way drums, needs new exhaust $12,500 (not a lot of wiggle room) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1969 Buick Skylark Custom Convertible 350 2 barrel (numbers matching) Body is very straight, minus a dent in the driver fender, no rust in floor pans, fender well, rocker panels or trunk Bucket Seats, original white interior minus a tear in the rear seat Good: Engine rebuilt less than 2 years ago, new exhaust, front end rebuilt, power top works, front disc brakes, power everything Bad: Convertible top stitching is coming loose on one side, Air compressor is in the trunk (owner says it should still work), dent in driver fender, radio doesn't work, passenger rear windows switch does not work $9000 and room to negotiate (but how much???) So...opinions?