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  1. The rear end is narrower than it should be. The engine motor mounts are in a different location, trans mounts are also different and the floor board has been cut so the sifter is in a different location. I hope to get engine numbers and other info so I can try to determine what engine and trans are in it. Any info on this is needed. I would like an org rig but I am afraid finding org parts is a lost cause. Next best thing would be a nice running rig with modern drive train.
  2. Thank you for info. I would love to keep it org. I think eng. and rear end have been changed, if so I MAY put it on a S-10 frame, with my 343 cu in engine out of my 1968 AMX in it. Any info on S-10 swap would be great, or just any info would be appreciated. Take care guys.
  3. New guy to site. Just purchased an awesome, almost rust free 1939 Pickup D2. I believe the rear end, engine, n trans are not original. Any info that can be provided to me to verify, what is n what isn't will be appreciated. If not org. I will put a newer frame under it. And install my 343 cu in, AMC ( out of my 68 AMX) running gear in it. Any help would be great. I have named him "Ole Greezer", like me, I am 66 n have been selling off my toys, but this guy talked to me. LOL n here I go again.
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