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  1. Do you have any old photos of the Citroen racing in 1920s?
  2. Few weeks ago I purchased here in California this original 1920s French Citroen Speedster. Its titled as 1921, but I think its more like 1924 year of production based on serial #24938 This speedster is based on Citroen model 5HP type 3C. Front end is pretty much unchanged factory except the “apron” at the front bottom, but from the cowl – back its homemade boat tail speedster with trunk opening on top. Windshield was modified and cut from original frame. I have one factory original to compare to side by side. – and it is quite clever speedster conversion. From what I can tell it has an original cast iron / magnesium pan 800cc engine with flat head. improved period carburetor, improved cooling ventilator (aluminum with magnesium alloy frame) Dashboard has been completely remanufactured and its nothing like I would leave factory. This car came with box of old documents including an original vehicle key and chassis plate number. I am still researching documents and translating box of papers that it came with but from what I can tell with certainty is following: History of the car is following: This automobile has been purchased by Swiss brothers 1954 Heinrich & Peter Rudin, Basel Switzerland When they got that original speedster it was in tough shape. Seems like it was racer in 1920s but by the time it got the 1950s’ it was a rust bucket. Photos of the rusted wrack can be see below. it took them few years to restore the car back to original racing condition with few minor modifications: side bottom panels were removed, short step running bards were added and large Marchal heal lights were introduced. This car has been imported by the same family member Mike Rodin to (Lakeside) San Diego, CA in early 1980 where it remained until 2011. Car changed two more owners and in early April 2017 I became current custodian of this vehicle. I have to give a BIG-BIG Thank You to previous automobile owner Mark B. (Alamo, CA) who could have sold this car overseas for way-way much more money, but chose me to be next custodian of this vehicle. My plan is to do mechanical restoration on the car and keep cosmetics as is for the next 2-3 years. I belong to Santa Clara Model T club and intend to do local Endurance Runs and Vintage racing cars events here in Bay Area / Monterrey. I am contemplating whether I should restore body with nice French racing blue color down the line in about 2-3 years from now or keep it all original…. As a part of consideration would be taking front fenders off and adding side panels by removing step boards as seen on the 1950s photo when it was picked up prior first restoration…. What do you think guys and girls? If you need more photos I can post more. I took bunch of them. There are some interesting engravings on the horn “JK TonKing, Delux” With best regards Nazario
  3. I also have 5HP (model 3C) that i am restoring now. but im restoring to 1926 speedster specifications rather then typical factory specs. I want to do vintage racing with it Let me know if anyone is restoring this type of the car/ model. We can share info on these cars.
  4. Hello, I would like to know if anyone has a chassis of Baker Electric or some other vintage electric car for sale. looking for the troubles new project Thank you, nazario Sunnyvale, CA
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