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  1. Hi Mike or Bruce, Did you ever sell this Franklin? And, if you did, has the buyer done anything with it and might be interested in selling? Thanks, Gary
  2. Our Vermont car club was given 7 or 8 truck loads of stock from a CarQuest store going out of business. We have spent the past year and a half auctioning the items off in our monthly publication to raise funds for our educational programs. There was a lot of racing oil and we were not sure what to do with it. The advice we passed on to our members came from a Napa store owner and that was not to use it in our old cars. The oil is designed to be used for one race and then changed. I know an oil discussion can get complicated but would like to hear some thoughts. I am rebuilding an S10 engine and will be at that point soon. Gary
  3. Been to the Trek three times in past six years. Our car club (VAE) has our big annual show when the Trek is happening, makes for a big rush. You are right Steve, our Franklin club has great info and an even greater history. You have some nice cars there. I just closed a deal on a '19 Touring. I now have 3 on the road and a couple waiting their chance.
  4. Thanks Tom, I can't believe the info I am getting. G
  5. Thanks Roger, i would be interested in what you learn. What charts am i missing would be my biggest question. Gary
  6. Three problem questions.... 1. Cam shaft, mine is pitted badly. Anyone know of good replacement? Anyone know a shop to fix? 2. Pistons, I have five with 3 rings and one with 4 rings. Need one 3-ring piston. 3. Timing chain, mine has a half inch flex if I lay it on the bench, hold the two ends and move center up and down. Is that OK? thanks G
  7. I live in Northern Vermont Roger. Also, I wonder if something smaller than the actual charts will work, there are a lot of notes in small prints on them. Remember seeing posters displayed in store inside swinging frames with a poster on each side, behind clear plastic? That is how I have mine. I can then have them beside my project without getting them greasy. I will try to attach a photo of one. G
  8. Sorry guys, I have not stayed plugged in here. I have gone on to other things and my Olympic stays in the barn, undriven. Thank you "29 Franklin" and John Mereness. I will call the Maine number, and John, if only I could steer the Olympic as easy as my 10B.... thank you for your response.
  9. Hi Roger, I just counted 7 charts that have series 11 info on them. Ignition, rods & mains, cyl & valves, Pistons & rings, wiring & lights, brown like clutch, rear axle. There are others like hydronic shocks, gimmer steering, Wagner trannies and Detroit trannies but I am not sure what Franklins have them. The Franklin librarian said he has some but I didn't get much more info. They are great with blow ups of the item and the order of how they are put together and mechanic notes. A friend in Australia, with a 10B would like the ten the covers his car. I would not mind trying to find a place that will copy them and pass the copies on if someone wants to cover the coping and postage. I just wish I knew more about them. Each has a number, here they are...(out of order) The chart number......followed by series they cover....... 1705...130,135,137 1704...12 1703...11 1602...9A,9B 1601...9B 1324...wag. Tranny 1323...Detroit tranny 809...10 802...9B 721...9 707...all cyls 743...11 722...9B 206...12 206A...all rear axles 701...9A9B 604...gimmer 52...10 51...9 201...9B 101...9A9B 205...4 to 8 202...9B 901...9A9B 810...10 404...hyd shocks 401...9B 601...9A9B 512...12 1321...10 1320...10 511...10 1322...14,15 1303...9A9B 501...9B 902...10,11 1001...9A9B 1015...10 1301...9A9B 744...all 801...9B 706...7 through 11 705...7 through 11 21...10 603...130 602...12 1706...15dlx
  10. Good morning. Can anyone tell me how many service charts where produced? I am asking about the 21" by 30" sized charts. I have 47 of them, are there more? I am restoring a 10B and have 10 charts with great information to help guide me, I wonder if there are more. Thanks, Gary.
  11. I have been looking for a steering box for a 1932 reo flying cloud for some time now. My '33 Franklin Olympic uses the same type and I need some parts. The roller type pin has, I believe, 36 tapered roller bearing and about half of my bearings have flat sides. I have alternated the good and bad ones and the steering improved a little but that is only a temp fix. Timken bad the bearing but have had no luck cross referencing. I know many other auto makes used the same type box but not sure if the same bearings are used. I am ready to take a chance and purchase a Ross box, if I can find one, and take my chances. If nothing else it will add one more chapter to my learning. Thanks, vtnorth
  12. Can't offer any help but just finished rebuilding my '27 sedan. Can't believe the fun. Found a great wheel maker in PA Amish country. A '27 cabriolet and a '15 touring is waiting their turn. Godd luck to you.
  13. I have 2 '23s I am working on and do have a few extras parts. What do you need?
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