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  1. Ok guys been a while since I posted. We have the car running good now. Believe it or not when purchased the spark plug wires were wrong and never thought to check.. Now my question is for the preheater, do I need one for a 27 since i have the 27 block or do I need the one from a 28 since it has the 28 head on it....? HELP
  2. Do you still have the front bumpers for the 1927 Chevy,, if you do text me... 502 five 07 nineteen 25
  3. Update, I've found out it has a 28 head on the 27 motor if that makes any difference. Still backfires when applying throttle.
  4. What is the flex tube hooked to on the other side is what I need to know.
  5. Where do I get the reproduction part from?
  6. I need this I guess. Whats in the can?
  7. It is missing the hot air pipe? Is there a way to aftermarket this? Seems like might be missing part for exhaust.
  8. What spark plugs should i have? It has AC C77 in it now?
  9. Hello all, new to the antique car world. We purchased an all original 1927 Chevy with the 4 cylinder motor. It idles ok, but upon giving gas backfires. I pulled the plugs and they were all black. I think they may be wrong plugs.?? Dont seem long enough. Well any help will be appreciated.
  10. Looking for a radiator for our 1927 chevy we just purchased. It seems to be 25 x 17 x 2 Also looking for window cranks.