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  1. Thankyou all for all the knowledge and tips on this project once the restoration is complete I'll post pics on my profile if it Warner for you guys I'd still be scratching my head
  2. Got everything finally put back together with the relined clutch disk and everything works like a charm now to send her out For pant then to try to find some NOS seat covers
  3. I called summit and they said it shouldn't interfere with anything so I went through with installing the clutch but there were problems with the coller on the new one
  4. Well I just sent my old one out I thought I would show pics of what I was talking about
  5. Thank you thank you thank you I'm mailing my clutch out to him tomorrow 45 dollars can't go wrong
  6. Summit redesigned the clutch by putting a small collar on the trans side so when you mount up everything th collar bottoms out on the trans and does not allow the throw out berring to disengage the clutch so now I'm looking for a nos clutch the clutch they have is for the mustang falcon and fairlane for the 144 ci.and tho 170 ci. Engines
  7. I will check that out thanks
  8. Jack m that is what it does the forks on the pressure plate go in and no more room for the throw out berring to push in any further but the clutch is in on the correct side it tells me what side is the flywheel side
  9. The clutch is in correctly it actually tells you what side is the flywheel side is there a special way to put the pressure late in when I have it all bolted up there is no room for the throw out berring to engage well disengage the clutch from flywheel I pulled the trans out again so any ideas would be helpful when the clutch and pressure plate are bolted to the flywheel the three prongs that the throw out berring pushes on are already pressed in and will not move in any farther towards the flywheel thanks hope to hear ANY ideas I'm stumped
  10. http://vinwiz.com/. Try this website it decoded my fairlane
  11. I have a 1962 ford fairlane it has the 170 straight six and the three speed Collum shift I just put a new clutch in the car got it all together and the clutch will not engage to shift gears I tried to adjust it the rod is pushing the throw out barring but to will not engage I've played with the adjuster all the way up and down any ideas. Thanks. Patrick
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