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  1. Hi, This last weekend I fired up and testdrove my Chevrolet 1930 for the first time. It was a "boxed" car wich I bought a few years back and put back together. The problem is that the Engine is quite noisy. After some troubleshooting Ive located the sound to the cam side of the Engine and along the entire block - from back to front - just were the cam is located. But when I worked on the Engine last year I didnt notice any bad wear on either the cam or the lifters. I was expecting some tick but not this sound wich is quite loud. A friend om mine joked and said it sounds almost like an old diesel. The only thing i noticed when I worked on the Engine last year was that two or three lifters were cracked high up on the sleeve. So I changed those. I have adjusted the rockers on it but the sound is still there. Oil pressure is good and the Engine is running good otherwise. Just this knocking sound. Anyone with experince on these older Engines in Chevys and what this sound can be?