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  1. I’m having wiring issues with my 68 Deville’s dimmer switch. With the plug connected to the floor dimmer switch, the highbeams don’t work. When I unplug the connector the high beams come on. If I remove the light blue wire from the connector and leave it out of the circuit, the dimmer switch works normally and the high beams are functional. I verified it’s not the switch by using a spare. Any ideas? The car does have twilight sentinel and auto-dimmer.
  2. Just to close this thread, I ended up not using the 425 heads, but just sending mine off for a rebuild.
  3. Its time to reinstall my rebuilt head and I have a few questions: Head Bolts: use sealant or just oil the threads? Cannot find anything specific to a 472. Intake/valley gasket: prior install didn't use the rubber end pieces, just rtv. Should I use the rubber pieces that came with the kit or not? I've heard it can cause a leak but not sure which method. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the response! You say they will bolt on but are not directly interchangeable. What modifications would I have to make?
  5. I recently burned an exhaust valve in my 68 deville with a 472 and am in the process of sourcing parts. I found a gentleman that has cadillac heads with a 1609423 casting number. This traces to a 77-79 425, but he claims they will work. I cannot find anything that backs that up. Any experts out there?
  6. New drums are arriving today, and I have a question about the shoes. They'e been on the car less than a year with not many miles. Do they need to be replaced along with the drums?. I know when doing new shoes, you should turn the drums so the surfaces are fresh, but I didn't know if the relatively new shoes would be ok. Wouldn't they just wear to the new drums?
  7. It was rebuilt then reinspected/balanced by a reputable shop locally. He checked the joints and they both had lots of spring tension. I think I may change the rear drums with new and see what happens. That' the least expensive and easiest next step.
  8. I didn't check the tail shaft bushing. It has a rebuilt trans and driveshaft, so I just assumed it's good. Wouldn't that be noticeable at all speeds? I guess i will try and find someone that can balance brake rotors and drums.
  9. Just an update to the thread. I had another shop balance the wheels. Nothing looked too far out of whack and they all balanced, but the shake is still there. One of the wheels looked slightly out of round on the machine but still balanced. I wonder if it could be bent just enough to cause a shake at 50-60mph.
  10. I just completed my first oil change on my 68 deville. I added the manual recommended 5 quarts and the oil level (after and hour) was just above the add mark. The 472 was rebuilt at some point but I'm unsure how much it was bored. Should I just use the 5 qt level on the dip stick as my new reference point or add more oil? I'm also not sure if this is the oem dip stick, but it looks like it is. When I drained the oil, there was considerably more than 5 qts that drained.
  11. Wasn't the drive shaft or u-joints. Going to try a more reputable shop to get a good balance done.
  12. The trans is freshly rebuilt, so checking that will be my last resort. The wheels were recently balanced but I may try again if the u-joints and drive shaft balance doesn't solve it. Again, thank you for the help with this.
  13. Update: jacking up both sides worked, thank you! The joints look new and have plenty of spring. The reason why I'm doing this, is to track down a driveline vibration. A balance and new shocks didn't help. Maybe the shaft itself is out of kilter.
  14. I'm not going to attempt doing the joints myself. I'm dropping it off at a driveline shop nearby. On that note, can you replace them with off the shelf u joints or do i need special ones?
  15. I had only one side on a jack stand. Let me try both sides to get the entire rear hanging. Good tip. Also, there's no center support. Thanks!
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